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Ring Out 2020 & Ring In 2021
Ring Out 2020 & Ring In 2021

Time keeps moving forward, and we get the last day of 2020. As you may have seen, there are a lot of red elements in the following pictures. In Chinese culture, red stands for fortune and luck. We at Dervos all dress in red this day, wishing 2021 would be a red new year for us. It happened to be a Friday, and we finished work early in the afternoon and started to clean our respective work areas. It is kind of a traditional activity in China, sweeping out the old things and welcoming the coming year with a new look. Posting window decalsis also an indispensable work. Helena, the girl in the right pic below, was finishing the phrase that pretty much says new year new luck. Another girl was showing her amazing handcraft job. Count down 3, 2, 1. Finally we get through the terrible 2020 and step into a brand new 2021. Human society artificially divides time into days, months and years. That demonstrates our wishes to left the bad in the past and embrace the unknown future by the alternation of the old and the the new. Although 2020 is a bumpy year, Dervos maintains a positive mindset for the following 2021 and wishes our customers, in the new year, endless luck and joys.

Special Cleaning Requirements for Cryogenic Valves
Special Cleaning Requirements for Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic valves are intended for very cold applications. The term "cryogenic" refers to temperatures below -50゜C.   Valve materials for cryogenic service are required for good ductility. Sealing parts, gaskets and other fittings should also be adapted to these extremely cold conditions on demand.   Industries associated with liquefied and compressed natural gas, as well as liquid oxygen, nitrogen or helium, rely on these special valves for the frequent, safe and reliable transport of cryogenic liquids and gases.   Special Cleaning Needs & Concerns To Be Stressed   The valve manufacturers are required to remove grease and all organic contaminants from the valve with a special solvent, keeping the valve clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is a common choice.   Some cleaning gases such as oxygen or chlorine require a very high level of cleanliness to ensure that no organic material or fiber breaks remain on the valve after the cleaning. The cleaned and certified valves are placed in double-sealed polyethylene bags to ensure that the valves are stored in a clean environment until they are installed and used.   Operators should perform a thorough inspection when installing cryogenic valves. This is critical to ensure that no lubricants or grease are accidentally introduced into the valve. Some specialty lubricants are available for use in cryogenic environments, and whether or not they are allowed should depend on the specific application requirements.   As mentioned earlier, cryogenic valves must avoid staining with fiber breaks. As a general rule, fibers longer than 1/8 inch are not allowed in the valve. In many cases, fibers or breaks of any length are not allowed in the valve.   Finally, inspectors should regularly check cryogenic valves and oxygen systems to see if there are internal or external leaks. Internal valve leaks can be prevented by installing the valve properly and a reliable seal design. Cryogenic service requires robust and stable seals to ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of the equipment. Here at Dervos, we’re a leading provider for products inindustrial valve, and we’re certified with the CE, ISO, API and other institutions. We strive to offer the best quality products and customer service through our extensive experience. Contact us today for more information.


The biggest valve Dervos has made ever. This is a DN3750 butterfly valve Dervos made forBombay Municipal Corporation in 2017 which is a government project. The project is special and challenging for its operation for suchalarge size of DN3750. As its torque isup to 989954N.m,it isbetter to be automatically actuated instead of manual operation. But as where it was going to serve is outreach of electrical power, manual operation is the only choice we have. After accurate calculation of the torque, finally we came up with a solution that DN3750 would be operated by a combination of total four gearboxes,which reduced theinput torqueinto incredible117N.m. What an amazing job we did! Andfor this valve, many tests had been carried out, including but not limited to below: We had done DP to the seat ring, UT to flanges, disc and stem, and RT to the welding. Besides, we had done strength tests to disc, adhesive tests to the painting, and IP68 Submergence Test by merging the gearboxes into 3-metre deep water by 72hours. And movement tests were also witnessed, it took about 9 hours from fully open to fully close position. Eventually,The completed valve was made out as about 58 tons weight and 82.4 CBM. Besides the remarkable work we did, we're so proud that its successful put-in-use was even reported by the local newspaper in Mumbai. As you can conclude, Dervos is indeed a professional and reliable valve provider. Contact us today, and get you the quality products and outstanding services Dervos offers.

ASME B16.34 Y Type Globe Valve

ASME B16.34 Y Type Globe Valve Plug Type Disc 4 inch CL150

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Y type globe valve. CF8 body/bonnet, F304 disc/stem, SS304+flexible graphite gasket and bronze bolt and nut. Plug type disc and Raised face flange connection. 

Quick Detail 


Globe Valve


4 inch




Y Type Globe Valve

Connection Type

Raised Face Flange Connection



Design Code

ASME B16.34

Face to Face

ASME B16.10

Test & Inspection 

API 598

Body Material


Temperature Range




 4 inch CL150 Y Type Globe Valve

bolt bonnet outside screw yoke Y type globe valve

CF8 body Y type globe valve

RF flange Y type globe valve

Handwheel Y type globe valve

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API 602 Y Pattern Globe Valve
Forged Steel Y Type Globe Valve 2 Inch Class 800 SW

Designed with 800 LB sw end, the 2 inch globe valve features in plug disc, bolted bonnet, and y type structure. The handwheel operated globe valve is made of forged steel body and stainless steel trim. Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Size 2'' Pressure ANSI 800 Structure Y Type, Y Pattern, Bolted Bonnet ConnectionType SW Operation Handwheel Operated Design Code API 602 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Connection Standard ASME B16.11 Pressure & Temperature ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection Standard API 598 Body Material ASTM A105 ApplicableTemperature -29℃~+425℃ Application Water, Oil, Gas Related Knowledge What is the main reason to use Y-pattern globe valve? A Y type globe is designed with 45° between seat and stem. In other words, the flow will remain straight linear from inlet to outlet ports.Compared to staight pattern globe valve, the y pattern globe valve reduce the flow resistance and pressure drop. This kind of y pattern globe valve is well suited for high pressures and severe application. FAQ 1. How long have you been in business and how long have you producing valves? We have been in valve exporting industry for more than 10 years since foundation in 2008. Our business has expanded tremendously to five continents all around the world.  2. What are your main products and their advantages? Our main products include gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug valves and strainers, available in different materials, sizes and pressure, which are widely used in various industries. 3. Does Xiamen Dervos Valves Industry Co., Ltd. make products for other companies? Yes, of course. We have a reference list with customer information like country, product type, order volume and some even with project names.

JIS F7308 Cast Iron Angle Globe Valve 10K 150A
JIS F7308 Cast Iron Angle Globe Valve 10K 150A

The 150A JIS 5K globe valve is suitable for marine application. The Cast Iron globe valve is handwheel operated with FF flange.

A105N  0.5 inch RF Gate Valve
Integral Flange Bolt Bonnet A105N Full Bore Gate Valve

API602 Gate Valve Bolt Bonnet Outside Screw Yoke Solid Wedge Full Bore Integral Raised Face Flange Connection A105N Body Trim 13Cr 150LB 300LB 1/2 inch 3/4 inch A182 F6a Seat/Wedge /Stem, 304+Graphite/Gasket 

Extended Bonnet Gate Valve
Extended Stem Cryogenic Gate Valve SW 1 Inch 1500LB

Made of stainless steel, the cryogenic gate valve has extended bonnet, reduced bore, non-rising handwheel, socket weld connection, complying with API 602. Quick Detail Type Gate Valve Size 1'' Design Pressure ANSI 1500 Construction Extended Stem, Bolted Bonnet, Solid Wedge ConnectionType Socket Weld (SW) OperationType Handwheel Operation Body Material A182 F316L TrimMaterial SS316L Design Code ASME B16.34 Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.11 Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Available Modifications for Dervos Valves -Design Pressure -Nominal Diameter -Body Material & Trim Material -Material & Type for Packing and Gasket -Valve Operation Type -Modifications of End Connection -Available Extended Stem or Bonnet -Available By-Pass Valve -Customized Coatings & Packaging Related Knowledge Why do we use extended stem for cryogenic valves? The cryogenic valves are mainly used in low temperature liquid media, like liquefied natural gas and petroleum products. The reasons why we use extended stem for cryogenic valves are as below: 1.To maintain the temperature of stem packing in a proper level, since the very low temperature will influnce the sealing function of stem pakcing. 2.To prevent the heat outside from entering the valve and cause energy loss to the application 3.The long stem structure facilitates the quick replacement of the valve's main part through the valve cover. 4.To prevent the parts (like handwheel) over stem from freezing

Carbon Steel Slab Gate Valve
Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve DN200 PN64 Flanged

The through conduit slab gate valve, designed as per DIN standard, has the diversion hole for pipeline cleaning. The PN64 parallel disc gate valve is made of carbon steel with RF flange and handwheel. Quick Detail Type Parallel Slab Gate Valve Nominal Diameter DN 200 Nominal Pressure PN 64 Construction Parallel Slabe Gate Valve, With Diversion Hole, Bolted Bonnet, Resilient Seat Connection Flange Operation Handwheel Operation Body Material Carbon Steel Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Design Feature 1.Parellel disc 2.Soft seat and metal seat for choices 3.Full bore design for pigging and less pressure drop 4.Firesafe design 5.Self relieving function 6.Grease fitting for seat and stem 7.Double block and bleed capability 8.With vent and drain port 9.Tight sealing performance  Material Part Name Material Body & Bonnet A216 WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M Wedge Alloy Steel (face harden treated), Stainless Steel (with Co overlay) Stem Alloy Steel (face erosion-resistant treated) Seat Alloy Steel (face harden treated, beset F plastic), Steel (with Co overlay, best F plastic) Packing PTFE O-Ring NBR, FEP Sealing Grease  

Class 150 Floating Ball Valve
Aluminum Bronze Floating Ball Valve 1 Inch 150LB

The 1 inch floating type ball valve is made of aluminum bronze C95800. The reduced bore ball valve has lever operation, RF flange, two piece type body. Quick Detail Type Ball Valve Size 1" Pressure ANSI 150 Construction Floating Ball, 2-Piece Body, Side Entry, Reduced Bore Connection Flanged End Operation Lever Operation Body Material Aluminum Bronze ASTM B148 C95800 Media W.O.G Available Modifications for Ball Valve -Nominal Pressure -Valve Size -Reduced Port & Full Port -Material of Body, Ball, Stem, Seat, Packing, Bolt and Nut -Valve Operation (Lever, Gearbox, Pneumatic or Hydraulic or Electric Actuator) -End Connection Type -Available Extended Stem -Customized Coating & Packaging -Modifications of Drain Port Dervos Packaging Good packing means good first impression. Just imagine how do you feel differently when seeing two boxes below? And you will know the reason why in Dervos we value packaging so much. In Dervos, we make sure- 1.Every valve is clean and dry. What do we do? -Clean the valve before packing -Add anti-rust oil -Add flange cover 2.No damage to valves in delivery. How do we achieve this? -Fix the valve with iron wire -Separate the valve with soft material -Layer the valve with plywood 3.Strong box and clear shipping mark

3 Inch Sleeved Plug Valve RF WCB with Pneumatic Actuator
3 Inch Sleeved Plug Valve RF WCB with Pneumatic Actuator

Non-Lubricated, Sleeved Plug Valves incorporate state-of-the-artPPL seat design. With little required maintenance and trouble-free operation, the 3 inch 150 LB valve will ensure a high integrity bubble-tight seal.

DIN Globe Valve Angle Type
Angle Type Globe Valve DN65 PN16 GS-C25 Rising Stem

The DN65 PN16 angle type globe valve is made of cast steel 1.0619 body and ss304 trim material, with rising stem, handwheel, RF flange.  Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Norminal Size DN 65 NorminalPressure PN 16 Construction Angle Pattern, BB ConnectionType Flanged Operation Handwheel Design Code DIN 3356 Face to Face EN 558 Connection EN1092 Test & Inspection EN12266 Body Material GS-C25 (1.0619) ApplicableTemp -29℃~+425℃ Application WOG Related Knowledge Why use an angle type globe valve? Angle globe valve turns the flow direction by 90 degrees without using an elbow or the extra pipe weld, which reduce the number of joints on the pipeline, save the installation time, and reduce the pressure drop & flow resistance. The angle pattern globe valve are used for application with periods of pulsating flow, since they are able to handle slugging effect. Our Main Product Range As an experienced supplier and vendor of industrial valves, Dervos supply cast steel valve, forged steel valve, cast iron valve, stainless steel valve, bronze valve, brass valve and alloy steel valve and so on, suitable for sea water, water, oil, and gas application.

1/2 Inch 800LB Plug Valve WCB NPT Wrench
1/2 Inch 800LB Plug Valve WCB NPT Wrench

This 1/2 Inch plug valve is made of A216 WCB, according to API598.With little required maintenance and trouble-free operation, a high integrity bubble-tight seal is provided both in-line and to atmosphere.

API594 Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve WCB 300LB
API594 Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve WCB 300LB

The 10 inch Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve is made of WCB and is eligible to be put under pressure up to 30LB. All Dervos check valves are tested to API 598 and must meet or exceed all applicable API, ANSI and ASTM Standards.

MSS SP-81 Manual Lug Type Knife Gate Valve Bi-directional
MSS SP-81 Manual Lug Type Knife Gate Valve Bi-directional

The knife gate is a bi-directional lug type valve designed according to MSS-SP-81 and for industrial service applications. The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shut off on suspended solids in industries.

150LB V ball valve Duplex Stainless Steel 4A
150LB V ball valve Duplex Stainless Steel 4A

The 150LB ball valve, made of Duplex stainless steel 4A, has a special V port ball. The valve is particularly suitable for media containing fibers, tiny solid particles, slurry and so on. 

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