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12 Dervos people get QMS internal control licenses
12 Dervos people get QMS internal control licenses

Dervos held a training course on the quality management system of the ISO 9001:2015. The three-day training was conducted by the leading auditors of Lloyd’s Register, a world-renowned certification authority. Here comes the terrific news that 13 Dervos people from different sectors passed the examination and obtained the qualification to manage internal control of a company. The course was held from July 7 to 10, The specialists of the audit company introduced the profound system in simple words. She praised the competence of our team and emphasized how important it is for a company to run in line with the international legal and regulatory standard requirements. The well-informed auditor said certification obtained according to the ISO 9001 series of standards is an indicator of stable quality of the Company’s operation. The fresh internal auditors we have now can ensure Dervos’s compliance with the requirements of internal, international and industry standards & regulations, and customer requirements. And they also determine the effectiveness of the implemented system in meeting specified objectives (quality, environmental, financial). With our new internal auditors, Dervos will pay more attention to the effectiveness and efficiency in the routine run of the company, in such way can we grow stronger and provide better services.

'Happy day' celebrating activity of Dervos 12th birthday
'Happy day' celebrating activity of Dervos 12th birthday

June 27th is a big day to Dervos as it marks it has been 12 years since Dervos started to explore the sector of industrial valves. For 12 years, Dervos has been committed to providing the best products and solutions to its customers, and Dervos itself didn't stop learning and growing, eventually, it became what it is today. We at Dervos believe that work hard and play hard. On this special day, Happy day' -- this is how we call it, a whole day of celebration awaits us. At first, we played the surprising video for Eric and Ken, the two founders of this big family, in which we reviewed when we joined Dervos by saying 'Hi, this Dervos of 20XX, how are you?'. From that video, we could learn how Dervos grow from a small company of only two to today's 30-plus. Then the gift-seeking session began. Everyone got a clue like 'the coziest chair in the office', and he or she had to find the sticker hidden in the place and get the gift the sticker shows. For the gifts, it seems everyone was driven crazy and almost turned the office up and down. Finally, of course, no gift eluded.     After a short break, we drove to a game club of trueman room escape--the most popular game in China now. Being divided into 4 teams, we were sent into 4 different themed rooms in which we needed to find the objects to interact with other items in the room to reveal a way to escape in a given time. Guess how many teams were smart enough to pass the game?     The dinner and Karaoke in the evening were also exciting. Everyone, boys and girls, their faces looked so charming and lively in the dim light. Laughter and cheers filled the beautiful night. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful day. This is the beginning of the Devos's 12th year, we will meet in the next 12 years and more.    

Dervos holds 3-day-long marathon mid-year meeting
Dervos holds 3-day-long marathon mid-year meeting

In a blink of an eye, half of 2020 has already passed. In order to sum up the experience and better deploy and carry out the work in the second half of this year, Dervos held a mid-year meeting from June 21st to 23rd. This meeting is divided into 10 sessions in 3 days, as each department such as the finance department and human resource department gives an account of their work in first half year. What’s worthy to be noted is that our colleagues on behalf of the branch office in Lishui, Zhejiang province also present in this mid-year meeting. Eric, CEO of Dervos, suggested his three-year work plan, as a general guide for Dervos development path in the next few years. In the meeting, he said Dervos should take advantage of its business department, quality inspection department, integration center as its core competitiveness. Eric also expressed his expectation that all sales to be product savvy, industry savvy, customer savvy, business savvy, and supply chain savvy, and required that from now on, every employee would work and study in the factory for at least one month every a year, to learn more know-how about our products and serve our customers much professionally.    In the final meeting, Dervos revealed it’s new edition of employee handbook, and updated salary structure and improved other company rules and regulations, in an attempt to better arrange company works and help the company itself and all of its team members better grow and develop in the future. Once the meeting ends, it marks Dervos, who is born in 2008 June, officially steps into its 12th. Chinese believes that each 12-year marks a circle or periodic growth, so in the last year of Dervos first big circle, please give us your best support and we also promise that we will continue to serve our customers with high-quality and durable products.

ASME B16.34 Y Type Globe Valve

ASME B16.34 Y Type Globe Valve Plug Type Disc 4 inch CL150

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Y type globe valve. CF8 body/bonnet, F304 disc/stem, SS304+flexible graphite gasket and bronze bolt and nut. Plug type disc and Raised face flange connection. 

Quick Detail 


Globe Valve


4 inch




Y Type Globe Valve

Connection Type

Raised Face Flange Connection



Design Code

ASME B16.34

Face to Face

ASME B16.10

Test & Inspection 

API 598

Body Material


Temperature Range




 4 inch CL150 Y Type Globe Valve

bolt bonnet outside screw yoke Y type globe valve

CF8 body Y type globe valve

RF flange Y type globe valve

Handwheel Y type globe valve

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API 602 Y Pattern Globe Valve
Forged Steel Y Type Globe Valve 2 Inch Class 800 SW

Designed with 800 LB sw end, the 2 inch globe valve features in plug disc, bolted bonnet, and y type structure. The handwheel operated globe valve is made of forged steel body and stainless steel trim. Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Size 2'' Pressure ANSI 800 Structure Y Type, Y Pattern, Bolted Bonnet ConnectionType SW Operation Handwheel Operated Design Code API 602 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Connection Standard ASME B16.11 Pressure & Temperature ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection Standard API 598 Body Material ASTM A105 ApplicableTemperature -29℃~+425℃ Application Water, Oil, Gas Related Knowledge What is the main reason to use Y-pattern globe valve? A Y type globe is designed with 45° between seat and stem. In other words, the flow will remain straight linear from inlet to outlet ports.Compared to staight pattern globe valve, the y pattern globe valve reduce the flow resistance and pressure drop. This kind of y pattern globe valve is well suited for high pressures and severe application. FAQ 1. How long have you been in business and how long have you producing valves? We have been in valve exporting industry for more than 10 years since foundation in 2008. Our business has expanded tremendously to five continents all around the world.  2. What are your main products and their advantages? Our main products include gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug valves and strainers, available in different materials, sizes and pressure, which are widely used in various industries. 3. Does Xiamen Dervos Valves Industry Co., Ltd. make products for other companies? Yes, of course. We have a reference list with customer information like country, product type, order volume and some even with project names.

 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Carbon Steel Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve 150LB 20 Inch

The triple eccentric butterfly valve, made of carbon steel, is designed under Class 150 for a better performance of 0 leakage. With a gear operator, it can be better drove.   Quick Detail Type Butterfly Valve Nominal Size 20 Inch Nominal Pressure Class 150 Structure Triple Offset,Triple Eccentric, Metal Seated Connection Type Wafer Type Operation Gear Operated Design Code API 609 Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME 16.5 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material Carbon Steel Application Water, Oil, Gas   Founded in 2008, DERVOS VALVES INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a professional vendor, exporter and supplier of industrial valves, pipes and fittings. Dervos has expanded its business to five continents around the world, including Europe, Oceania, Africa, America and Asia.   Our commitment is to find the most suitable products for our clients in an efficient way. We adopt modern management skills to make sure efficiency in production and selling system.          

150LB high performance double offset butterfly valve WAFER
150LB high performance double offset butterfly valve WAFER

The 3 inch 150LB butterfly valve has a double-offset disc design that allows the disc to move off the seat reducing running torque and seat wear. The Wafer type valve can be driven by a gearbox and handwheel or by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

Stainless Steel Flanged Gate Valve
Stainless Steel Gate Valve DIN 3352 PN16 OS&Y

The stainless steel CF8M gate valve is designed with flange connection and handwheel operation per DIN 3352. The PN16 DN200 full port gate valve has OS&Y structure, resilient wedge and replaceable seat. Design Specifications Design and Manufacture: DIN 3352 End to End Dimension: DIN3202 Flange End: EN1092-1 Test & Inspection: EN12266-1/2 Design Feature -Full Bore Design -Superior flow rates & small friction loss -Low torque value for closing and opening the valve -Flexible wedge for better seating and ease of operation -Smooth finish and superior sealing for seat face -Every valve is manufactured with specific number on body for traceability Quick Detail Type Gate Valve Size DN 200 Pressure PN 16 Construction Bolted Bonnet, Rising Stem, Outside Screw and Yoke Connection Flange Connection Operation Handwheel Body Material Stainless Steel CF8M TrimMaterial Stainless Steel Temperature Range -268℃~+648℃ Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Dervos Packaging Packaging is an important part we could never neglect. Dervos has a packaging process for each order to ensure a safe and clear delivery of the order.

DIN Globe Valve Angle Type
Angle Type Globe Valve DN65 PN16 GS-C25 Rising Stem

The DN65 PN16 angle type globe valve is made of cast steel 1.0619 body and ss304 trim material, with rising stem, handwheel, RF flange.  Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Norminal Size DN 65 NorminalPressure PN 16 Construction Angle Pattern, BB ConnectionType Flanged Operation Handwheel Design Code DIN 3356 Face to Face EN 558 Connection EN1092 Test & Inspection EN12266 Body Material GS-C25 (1.0619) ApplicableTemp -29℃~+425℃ Application WOG Related Knowledge Why use an angle type globe valve? Angle globe valve turns the flow direction by 90 degrees without using an elbow or the extra pipe weld, which reduce the number of joints on the pipeline, save the installation time, and reduce the pressure drop & flow resistance. The angle pattern globe valve are used for application with periods of pulsating flow, since they are able to handle slugging effect. Our Main Product Range As an experienced supplier and vendor of industrial valves, Dervos supply cast steel valve, forged steel valve, cast iron valve, stainless steel valve, bronze valve, brass valve and alloy steel valve and so on, suitable for sea water, water, oil, and gas application.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
Trunnion Mounted DN300 PN63 DBB Ball Valve

Trunnion mounted ball valve DN300 PN63 full bore Double Block and Bleed PMSS seal(metal seal+soft seal)blowout proof stem gearbox operation with LF2 body, LF2+ENP ball/seat and 410 stem. Quick Detail Type Ball Valve Size DN300 Design Pressure PN63 Construction DBB,Trunnion mounted ball valve ConnectionType Flange OperationType Gearbox Operated Body Material LF2 Ball Material LF2+ENP Stem Material 410 Seat Material LF2 +ENP Design Code API 6D Face to Face Dimension API 6D End Connection ASME B16.5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China

Cast Steel Gate Valve Class 600
16 Inch Flanged Gate Valve WCB Rising Stem API 600

The 16 inch cast steel gate valve with gearbox and 600LB RF flange is designed as per API 600. The bolted bonnet gate valve features in rising stem, resilient wedge and metal seat. Quick Detail Type Gate Valve Size 16" Pressure Class600 Construction Bolted Bonnet, Rising Stem, OS&Y, Flexible Wedge, Metal Seat Connection RF Flange Operation Gearbox Design Code API 600 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Flange End ASME B16.5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material A216 WCB TrimMaterial Trim 5 Temperature Range -29℃~+425℃ Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Dimension & Material Class 600 NPS in 2 2 1/2 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 DN mm 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 L-L1 (RF-BW) in 11.5 13 14 17 22 26 31 33 35 39 43 47 55 mm 292 330 356 432 559 660 787 838 889 991 1092 1194 1397 L2 (RTJ) in 11.625 13.125 14.125 17.125 22.125 26.125 31.125 33.125 35.125 39.125 43.125 47.25 55.375 mm 295 333 359 435 562 664 791 841 892 994 1095 1200 1407 H (OPEN) in 18.625 21.75 23.375 28 1/16 38 3/16 44 3/16 52.375 59 13/16 68.125 72.25 90.125 98 13/16 119 mm 474 553 593 713 970 1122 1330 1519 1730 1835 2290 2510 3022 W in 9.875 9.875 11 13/16 13.75 19 11/16 22 1/16 28.375 24 24 24 24 30 30 mm 250 250 300 350 500 560 720 610* 610* 610* 610* 760* 760* WT (kg) RF 41 58 88 131 253 413 623 784 1288 1820 2150 2540 4080 BW 35 50 68 104 208 328 496 637 1120 1448 1828 2201 3360 *Manual gear operator is recommended No Part Name Carbon steel to ASTM Alloy steel to ASTM Stainless steel to ASTM WCB LCB WC6 WC9  C5 CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M 1 Body A216 WCB A350 LCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 2 Seat Ring A105 A350 LF2 A182 F11 A182 F22 A182 F5 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 3 Wedge A216 WCB A350 LCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 4 Stem A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 5 Bonnet nut A194 2H A194 4 A194 7 A194 8 6 Bonnet bolt A193 B7 A320 L7 A193 B16 A193 B8 7 Gasket SS Spiral Wound graphite or SS Spiral Wound PTFE 8 Bonnet A216 WCB A352 LCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 9 Backseat bushing A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 10 Stem packing Graphite or PTFE 11 Lantern A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F304 A182 F304 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 12 Gland Nut A194 2H A194 8 13 Gland Eyebolt A193 B7 A193 B8 14 PIN Carbon steel or Stainless Steel 15 Gland A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 16 Gland Flange A216 WCB A351 CF8 17 Stem Nut A439 D2 or B148-952A 18 Nipple Carbon steel or Stainless Steel 19 Retaining Nut Carbon steel 20 Hand Wheel Ductile Iron or carbon steel 21 Name Plate Stainless steel or Aluminum 22 H.W.Lock Nut Carbon steel

Cast Iron Concentric Butterfly Valve
Cast Iron Wafer Type Concentric Butterfly Valve PN10 DN200

The concentric lever operated butterfly valve is made of cast iron GG25, SS420 stem, and EPDM seat. The DN200 wafer butterfly valve is applicable for water. Quick Detail   Type Butterfly Valve Nominal Size DN200 Nominal Pressure PN10 Structure Concentric Type, EPDM Soft Seated Connection Type Wafer Type Operation Lever Operated Design Code EN 593 Face to Face EN 558 End Connection EN 1092 Test & Inspection EN 12266 Body Material Cast Iron GG25 Temperature Range -15℃~+150℃ Application Water, Oil, Gas Available Modifications for Butterfly Valves -Valve Nominal Pressure -Valve Nominal Size -Concentric Type and Eccentric Type -Soft Seat, Multi-Layer Metal Seat, Fully Metal Seat -Body & Trim Material -End Connection (Double Flanged,Wafer, Lug) -Available Operation (Bare Stem, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator, Lever or Wrench) -Customised Coating -Customised Packaging Product Application Oil & Gas Industry Dervos valves are fully involved in refining, oil and gas industries to handle very tough working environments. Petrochemical Industry We could also provide all kinds of valves in various materials, like stainless steel, Monel, titanium, and hastelloy to meet requirements of chemical industry. Power Station Industry Dervos could provide valves suitable for power station use with high pressure and temperature requirements.

Two Piece Cast Steel Ball Valve
Casting 2 Piece Ball Valve 4 Inch Class 150 Wrench

The 2 piece type floating ball valve has full port, fire safe design, anti blowout stem, ANSI 150 flange and lever operation. The carbon steel ball valve is designed with A216 WCB body, F316 stem and ball, PTFE soft seat. Quick Detail Type Ball Valve Size 4" Pressure 150 LB Construction Floating Type Ball, Two Piece Body, Full Bore Connection Raised Face Flange End Operation Wrench Operation Body Material Cast Steel WCB Trim Material SS316 &PTFE Design Standard API 6D Pressure & Temp Code ASME B16.34 Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.5 Inspection Code API 6D Temperature Range -29℃~+125℃ Media Water, oil and gas Material & Dimension No Part Name  Carbon steel to ASTM  Stainless Steel to ASTM WCB  LCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M 1 Body  A216 WCB A352 LCB A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 2 Bonnet nut A194 2H A194 4 A194 8 3 Bonnet bolt A193 B7 A320 L7 A193 B8 4 Cap A216 WCB A352 LCB A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 5 Gasket SS Spiral Wound/graphite or SS Spiral Wound/PTFE 6 Ball  A105/Ep.Cr or F6 A182 F6 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M 7 Seat Ring RPTFE or POM 8 Small spring Stainless Steel 9 Small ball A182 F304  A182 F316L 10 Stem A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 11 Stem Seat PTFE 12 Stem Packing PTFE or Graphite 13 Gland A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L 14 Gland Bolt A193 B7 A193 B8 15 Galnd Flange A216 WCB A351 CF8 16 Positioning Plate Steel 17 Wrentch A216 WCB The material is according to ASTM standard CLASS 150 DN mm 15 20 25 40 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 NPS in 0.5 0.75 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 6 8 10 L (RF) mm 108 117 127 165 178 191 203 229 394 457 533 in 4.25   4.6 5 6.5 7 7.5 8 9 15.5 18 21 L1 (BW) mm 140 152 165 190 216 241 283 305 457 521 559 in 5.5 6 6.5 7.48 8.5 9.5 11.13 12 18 20.5 22 L2 (RTJ) mm 119 129.7 139.7 178 191 203 216 241 406 470 546 in 4.69 5.11 5.5 6.9 7.5 8 8.5 9.5 16 18.5 21.5 H mm 66 74 87 105 132 152 182 215 250 285 495 in 2.6 2.9 3.48 4.2 5.28 6.08 7.28 8.6 10 11.4 19.5 Do(W) mm 130 130 160 230 400 400 600 850 1100 1500 *350 in 5.1 5.11 6.3 9 15.74 15.74 23.62 33.46 43.3 59 13.8 RF(Kg)   2.3 3 4.5 7 15 20 25 40 97 160 240 BW(Kg)   2.0 2.5 3.8 5.8 12 17 21 36 92.8 154 227 *Worm Gear or Electric actuator operated Special Tests & Inspections In addition to regular hydraulic testing and air testing, Dervos could also do specials test as per clients’ requests, such as PT test, RT test, UT test, cryogenic test, low leakage test, fire proof test, and hardness test and so on. 

Bellow Seal Globe Valve With Handwheel
Bellow Seal Globe Valve 1.5 Inch SW A105N OS&Y

The 1.5 inch 800LB bellow seal globe valve is designed with outside screw and yoke, handwheel operation, sw end. The reduced port globe valve is has forged steel A105N body. Design Feature 1.Outside screw and yoke 2.Rising stem 3.Bolted bonnet design 4.Bellow seal packing for reliable stem sealing 5.Reduced bore design 6.Handwheel Operated Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Size 1.5'' Design Pressure Class 800 Structure BB, OS&Y, Reduced Port, Bellow Seal Packing Connection Type Socket Weld Operation Handwheel Design Code API 602 End to End ASME B16.10 Connection End ASME B16.11 Pressure & Temperature ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection Standard API 598 Body Material Forged Steel ASTM A105 Trim Material Trim 8 Applicable Temperature -29℃~+425℃ Application W.O.G Origin China Related Knowledge What is a bellw seal valve? For bellow seal globe valves, the lower end bellows is welded on the valve stem to prevent the process fluid from eroding the valve stem. The other end is placed between the valve body and the valve cover to form a static seal. The double seal design ensure that if bellow seal pakcing fails, the stem packing will also function.  The bellow seal globe valves are applicable for media like steam, flammable, explosive, heat transfer oil, high purity, and toxic media etc. Special Tests Besides general tests we will do (hydraulic and air test), we could also do tensile strength test, metallographic test, fugitive emission test, and NDE test (UT,RT,PT,MT) upon customers’ specific requests.

Stainless Steel CF8M Y Type Strainer
Stainless Steel CF8M Y Type Strainer 6 inch 8inch CL150

ASME B16.34 Y type Strainer Flat Flange Connection Bolt Cover ASTM A182 F316 ASTM A351 CF8M Gasket SS316 + Flexible Graphite Screens SS316 Drain Plug 3/4” NPT Bolt Bonnet B8M 8M 6 inch 150LB 8inch 150LB Design and manufacture ASME B16.34 Face to Face Dimension ASME B16.10 Flange Dimension ASME.B16.5 Test and Inspect API598 Quick Detail Type Y Type Strainer Size 6 inch 8 inch Pressure CL150 Construction Bolt Cover Connection FF Operation Mode / Body Material CF8M Cover F316 Design & Manufacture ASME B16.34 End to End ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.5 Inspection API 6D, API 598 Temperature Range -29℃~+538℃ Medium Oil, Water, Gas

1/2 Inch NPT Needle Valve
Stainless Steel Needle Valve 1/2 Inch 6000 PSI NPT

The 6000 psi high pressure needle valve is made of stainless steel F316 according to ASME B16.34. The 1/2 inch NPT needle is used for regulating the flow of fluid and suitable for application with high pressure and small flow. Quick Detail Type Needle Valve Size 0.5 Inch DesignPressure 6000 PSI ConnectionType Female Thread FNPT Design Code ASME B16.34 End Connection ASME B1.20.1 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material SS316 TrimMaterial SS316 Application Water, Oil, Gas Dervos Certification Certificates are one of the factors our clients are caring about. On clients’ request, we could provide API 5L, API 6A, API 6D, API 607, API 5CT, ISO 9001, PED CE and so on. Why choose Dervos as your partner? One Stop Service Here in Dervos, we can provide you with one stop service by our complete product list, it means, you don’t need to search for various suppliers for different types of valves, and it will surely save your time and energy. All you need to do is choose Dervos and we will provide complete solutions to you.  On Time Delivery Dervos keeps a high percentage of on time delivery. Why could we achieve that? Our purchasing team follows the order very closely. Plus, our QC and sales person will also do monitoring job on each order. Strict Quality Control All the members in the QC team are very experienced and professional. For each order, they will check the raw material, manufacturing process, do the pressure testing on shell and seal, and check the valve dimension per assembly drawing. Lastly, they will inspect the painting and packaging.

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