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Supply Chain Management Center

This center comes and plays an important role in supplier management, product outsourcing, quality control and other aspects. From raw materials procurement to production supervision of outsourced finished goods, we strictly carry out evaluation and control that are up to standard, in order to ensure timely supply of materials, on-time delivery of finished products with consistent quality.

Suppliers have to undergo a rigorous evaluation process and pass regular assessments conducted by our supplier management team to enter and remain on the list of qualified suppliers.

When it comes to selecting new suppliers, we will do it in accordance with the principle of QCDS, namely, quality, cost, delivery and service, among which quality comes first. We attach great importance on whether the supplier has a stable and effective quality assurance system in place, and whether the supplier has certificates, facilities and capabilities to produce the required specific product.

In terms of delivery, the main course of our assessment is checking if the supplier has a reasonable layout of production lines, sufficient production capacity, and feasible production plan or not.

Last but not least, it is more than important to confirm whether the suppliers have satisfying pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales service and records.

Qualified and stable suppliers are the strong backup force for us to ensure the quality and delivery of our customers' orders.


In addition to the procurement of production materials, another important job of the Supply Chain Management Center is the outsourcing of products upon customer demand. Over years of development, We established cooperative relations with over 200 high-quality and cost-conscious producers, to provide our customers with ample options and satisfy their strict requirements over quality and delivery time.


We are proud to say that among all our suppliers, most of them are equipped with specialized valves production base, casting foundry, and automatic equipment.

SCM center will conduct assessment and quality inspection on our cooperating manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure their stable and controllable product quality and delivery time. At the same time, orders will be placed in another center - the integration center for customized packaging, such as painting, transportation protection and packaging.


Customer satisfaction is constantly what Dervos chase for.


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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.