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  • Dervos obtains 2 new technical patents
    Dervos obtains 2 new technical patents Aug 24, 2020
    Dervos recently attained two new kinds of technical patent that refer to a kind of gate valve and a kind of globe valve with filtration ability. Most of the gate valves open and close by turning the handwheel connected to the stem, which causes the stem to move up and down in the guide groove and press the valve plate to the seat. However, the stem and the valve body press each other firmly, and if the gate valve is not used for a long time, it will take huge efforts to turn the wheel to open and close the valve, which impedes the valve use. Dervos new patent helps to alleviate the difficulty by inserting the valve plate into the groove of the valve body, the lifting assembly can quickly raise the valve plate so that the inlet and outlet can be connected and open the gate valve. On the other hand, the assembly can lower the valve plate to the lower surface of the valve plate and contact the bottom of the groove of the valve plate, so that the inlet and outlet cannot be connected and the gate valve can be closed. As for the globe valve, it is known as one of the most widely used valves to stop the flow of medium in a pipeline. The current piping system often fails to work properly due to impurities in the fluid in the pipeline, so it is necessary to add filtration function to the globe valve. By optimizing the internal structure, Dervos has innovatively installed strainers and other fittings inside the valve body, so that the globe valve has these advantages: 1. No need to cut off the medium when cleaning the strainer. 2. Easy replacement of filters. 3. Outstanding sealing performance. Dervos has been committed to bringing quality products to the market, and we also keep gonging on a creative development path.
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  • Next Station, Chengdu !
    Next Station, Chengdu ! Aug 20, 2020
    After thousand times of discussion and debate, Chengdu--a charming and vigorous city in southwest China, and several spectacular natural sites around the city are decided to be the destination of this year’s company trip. For the first time on this year's trip, we split into two teams. One team fly to the city and go to a nationally renowned tourist attraction namedJiuzhai Vally,and the other who have visited the city before choose to take a road trip to Chengdu. After 4days, the two Dervos squads will meet in the beautiful city. Where the Sightseeing-team goes to is a national park that’s best known for its fabled blue and green lakes, spectacular waterfalls, narrow conic karst land forms and its unique wildlife. Jiuzhai vally is almost the synonym of fairyland. Though it was rainy, the rain and stray cloud also added special emotions to the picturesque place. Literally, we took hundreds and thousands of pictures there. We wanted to catch the fascinating scene and catch the moment we spend together. Then Let’s talk another team-- the self-driving team. In 4 days, they made their way north, crossed 5 province, visited cities and ancient towns, tasted local dishes and they even drove to a mountain at an elevation of 4,000 meters. You have to say that, they are the real players and played more than hard. Two teams, in the end, met in Chengdu. We have one kind of national-wide popular food in China called ‘hotpot’ which actually is born in Chengdu. Of course we didn’t miss it. What’s more, Chengdu is home to anther thing you definitely heard before or even love-- panda. We also visited these adorable creatures. We say that 2020 is quite a difficult year. It’s like on a hard mode. But we believe that it will get better. The road lays there, it always waits for someone to step onto it. We, Dervos people, have been on the road, and will never stop.
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  • 12 Dervos people get QMS internal control licenses
    12 Dervos people get QMS internal control licenses Jul 10, 2020
    Dervos held a training course on the quality management system of the ISO 9001:2015. The three-day training was conducted by the leading auditors of Lloyd’s Register, a world-renowned certification authority. Here comes the terrific news that 12 Dervos people from different sectors passed the examination and obtained the qualification to manage internal control of a company. The course was held from July 7 to 10, The specialists of the audit company introduced the profound system in simple words. She praised the competence of our team and emphasized how important it is for a company to run in line with the international legal and regulatory standard requirements. The well-informed auditor said certification obtained according to the ISO 9001 series of standards is an indicator of stable quality of the Company’s operation. The fresh internal auditors we have now can ensure Dervos’s compliance with the requirements of internal, international and industry standards & regulations, and customer requirements. And they also determine the effectiveness of the implemented system in meeting specified objectives (quality, environmental, financial). With our new internal auditors, Dervos will pay more attention to the effectiveness and efficiency in the routine run of the company, in such way can we grow stronger and provide better services.
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  • 'Happy day' celebrating activity of Dervos 12th birthday
    'Happy day' celebrating activity of Dervos 12th birthday Jun 27, 2020
    June 27th is a big day to Dervos as it marks it has been 12 years since Dervos started to explore the sector of industrial valves. For 12 years, Dervos has been committed to providing the best products and solutions to its customers, and Dervos itself didn't stop learning and growing, eventually, it became what it is today. We at Dervos believe that work hard and play hard. On this special day, Happy day' -- this is how we call it, a whole day of celebration awaits us. At first, we played the surprising video for Eric and Ken, the two founders of this big family, in which we reviewed when we joined Dervos by saying 'Hi, this Dervos of 20XX, how are you?'. From that video, we could learn how Dervos grow from a small company of only two to today's 30-plus. Then the gift-seeking session began. Everyone got a clue like 'the coziest chair in the office', and he or she had to find the sticker hidden in the place and get the gift the sticker shows. For the gifts, it seems everyone was driven crazy and almost turned the office up and down. Finally, of course, no gift eluded.     After a short break, we drove to a game club of trueman room escape--the most popular game in China now. Being divided into 4 teams, we were sent into 4 different themed rooms in which we needed to find the objects to interact with other items in the room to reveal a way to escape in a given time. Guess how many teams were smart enough to pass the game?     The dinner and Karaoke in the evening were also exciting. Everyone, boys and girls, their faces looked so charming and lively in the dim light. Laughter and cheers filled the beautiful night. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful day. This is the beginning of the Devos's 12th year, we will meet in the next 12 years and more.    
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  • Dervos holds 3-day-long marathon mid-year meeting
    Dervos holds 3-day-long marathon mid-year meeting Jun 23, 2020
    In a blink of an eye, half of 2020 has already passed. In order to sum up the experience and better deploy and carry out the work in the second half of this year, Dervos held a mid-year meeting from June 21st to 23rd. This meeting is divided into 10 sessions in 3 days, as each department such as the finance department and human resource department gives an account of their work in first half year. What’s worthy to be noted is that our colleagues on behalf of the branch office in Lishui, Zhejiang province also present in this mid-year meeting. Eric, CEO of Dervos, suggested his three-year work plan, as a general guide for Dervos development path in the next few years. In the meeting, he said Dervos should take advantage of its business department, quality inspection department, integration center as its core competitiveness. Eric also expressed his expectation that all sales to be product savvy, industry savvy, customer savvy, business savvy, and supply chain savvy, and required that from now on, every employee would work and study in the factory for at least one month every a year, to learn more know-how about our products and serve our customers much professionally.    In the final meeting, Dervos revealed it’s new edition of employee handbook, and updated salary structure and improved other company rules and regulations, in an attempt to better arrange company works and help the company itself and all of its team members better grow and develop in the future. Once the meeting ends, it marks Dervos, who is born in 2008 June, officially steps into its 12th. Chinese believes that each 12-year marks a circle or periodic growth, so in the last year of Dervos first big circle, please give us your best support and we also promise that we will continue to serve our customers with high-quality and durable products.
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  • Dervos 520 event, show love to the one
    Dervos 520 event, show love to the one May 21, 2020
    Yesterday was 5.20, May the 20th. It may be a normal day for you, but to Chinese, it’s a love-theme day. This date is another Valentine’s Day holiday in China. That’s because, it may sound funny, ‘520’ sounds phonetically very close to“I Love You”, or“Wo Ai Ni”in Chinese. In that way, though it’s not official holiday, many people, especially couples, would celebrate the day. And as the concept prevails, more people join the group celebrating love--more than just the love between couples. Dervos, a work team full of love, also managed an activity to mark the day. Our administrative assistant Linda is so ingenious that she prepared such exquisite snacks, and the heart-shaped watermelon and colourful melon balls that won wow from everyone are too adorable to bite. Except delicious snacks, we also had a special game. In a little scrap of paper, every Dervos staff wrote down some words that say love, thanks or best wishes to someone anonymously, then put these scraps together and mixed up. Everyone of us took out one piece and read the words on the scrap to the recipient for the anonymous someone. It was a so moving scene that someone turned red when his or her paper was read and was recognized and someone had to say thank you to everyone because he or she don’t don’t who wrote it. Dervos believes love and is brave enough to express it out as loving someone and being loved both make us stronger. If you didn’t do things like us in 520, you could do it now. Never mind, it’s never to late to say 520.
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