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  • Ring Out 2020 & Ring In 2021
    Ring Out 2020 & Ring In 2021 Jan 05, 2020
    Time keeps moving forward, and we get the last day of 2020. As you may have seen, there are a lot of red elements in the following pictures. In Chinese culture, red stands for fortune and luck. We at Dervos all dress in red this day, wishing 2021 would be a red new year for us. It happened to be a Friday, and we finished work early in the afternoon and started to clean our respective work areas. It is kind of a traditional activity in China, sweeping out the old things and welcoming the coming year with a new look. Posting window decalsis also an indispensable work. Helena, the girl in the right pic below, was finishing the phrase that pretty much says new year new luck. Another girl was showing her amazing handcraft job. Count down 3, 2, 1. Finally we get through the terrible 2020 and step into a brand new 2021. Human society artificially divides time into days, months and years. That demonstrates our wishes to left the bad in the past and embrace the unknown future by the alternation of the old and the the new. Although 2020 is a bumpy year, Dervos maintains a positive mindset for the following 2021 and wishes our customers, in the new year, endless luck and joys.
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  • Dervos Team Building --This Time We Go Brisk Walking
    Dervos Team Building --This Time We Go Brisk Walking Dec 15, 2020
    It was on 11th of December, a rare cloudless afternoon in these consecutive chilly and dreary winterdays. "Now that the weather favoredus, it would be a huge waste to stay at the office, wouldn't it?" Eric Wong, DVS owner, suggested. Then, unexpectedly, we stopped typing, packed staff and went on the way to an extra long footpath that nearly cross the entire downtown. You may see from the image, the walkway spirals up into the woods along the steel frame. As we climb higher, it's getting challenging and scary to walk on the floating way, but the beautiful coastline also emerges on the horizon. As we Chinese always say attracting scenery is always higher. But unfortunately we are within a no-fly area, ourdroneis forbidden to liftoff,thelaugh on the first photo below turned into scowl off the camera. Quite hilarious! As the sun went down the hill, the 3-hour brisk walk finally came to an end till the dawn. The glistening sweaton our brow recorded this an joyful afternoon. Though we didn't finish the whole footpath (because it's way too long), we may regard this end asbeing archived, and some day in the future, perhaps we will have another chance to continue this unfinished trip. 2020 is also approaching an end. Don't forget to say goodbye to this unforgettable year and say hello to the coming unknown 2021. And, definitely, Dervos will be there for you.
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  • Case Review: Dervos Serves Ecofuel Innovation Project
    Case Review: Dervos Serves Ecofuel Innovation Project Nov 20, 2020
    Project Name: ECOFUEL INNOVATION PROJECT Year:2017 Introduction: In 2017, we provided a major number ofvalves from regular gate valves to safety relief valves to an environmental project lead byECOFUEL, an emerging Canadian player inclean technology. It is atentative project for sustainable diesel production from solid waste.Dervos is proud to bea part of this fuel innovation actionand offers 136 sets of our reliable and outstanding valves for it. SEGMENT BALL CONTROL VALVE It’s also called V type ball valve, whichhasthebest regulating performance in ball valves. Plus cut-down function between the V-shaped slit and the metal seat, this kind of ball valve is particularly suitable for medium withfibers, solid particles and slurry. KNIFE GATE VALVES As the mediumcontains wooden debris and slurry, knife gate valves are suggestedin this condition for its good cut-down performance. THREE-WAY SPLIT FLOW VALVE Remotely controlled by electric actuators, this valvecan split the flow into twostreams andachieve precise controloverprocess parameters for fluid. SAFETY VALVE Conformed to API520 and API526, thesesafety valves arecustomized according toon-siteworking pressure, temperature and flow capacity for over-pressure protection.
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  • Dervos Sales Go Field Studying in Factory
    Dervos Sales Go Field Studying in Factory Oct 23, 2020
    A Chinese saying goes that knowledge begins with practice.It is an essential principle that we must combine theory with practice. And, then, as we planned in the mid-year meeting this year, the first group of our sales have arrived factory to launch a 3-week long field study there. This trip is aimed at promoting Dervos sales' acquaintance of valves with gate valve, globe valve and check valve taking the main course of it. And essentially, what's more important is that we hope our sales could be professional and more professional. In this way can they better help you solve your problem and finish your purchase. Our factory prepared well for this factory study. From Inventory management, production line, technique learning to packing and shipping, a wealth of lessons awaits for our sales. During almost a month of field study, in addition to grasping the whole producing process, assembling and packing, our sales spent a great amount of time in the storehouse in where they could learn the properties, differences, uses of each component and the reasons for the selection of different valve accessories. This is just the first group, the rest of our sales, no matter experienced or unskilled, will attend the trip in the next batch. Dervos is well aware of the hard time the whole industry even the whole world is going through. What we can try our best is to trained ourselves harder and provide more thoughtful solutions.
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  • Two Festivals Meet, Double Joy We Have In Dervos
    Two Festivals Meet, Double Joy We Have In Dervos Oct 01, 2020
    This year the holiday for family reunions, Mid-Autumn Festival, and for the country's founding, National Day, coincide.   As the two special festivals both fall on October 1 this year, Chinese cities, certainly including Xiamen where Dervos lays its root in, are festooned with flowers and lanterns and holding colorful activities to celebrate the joyful occasion.     And here in Xiamen, we have a traditional activity called Bo Bing, or "gambling for cakes", to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The game requires six dice and a wide mouthed bowl. Players throw the dice in turn and wins a specific prize depending on the dice combination. We divided into three groups. Screams and cheers rose up and fell down as every time dice being tossed. Because the quantity of gifts is limited, whoever tosses the specific number earlier, gets more presents till all are given out.   After the exciting game, we headed towards a beautiful and cozy coastal hotel for the rest of this happy time. In there, the games, the songs and the palatable food all added together to make a memorable occasion.  At the stretching beach and on the pleasant moment, we flew balloons that carry our best wishes and sang our company song --“we are a loving family”. Happiness and group cohesion drew a perfect period of this wonderful night.
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  • Dervos obtains 2 new technical patents
    Dervos obtains 2 new technical patents Aug 24, 2020
    Dervos recently attained two new kinds of technical patent that refer to a kind of gate valve and a kind of globe valve with filtration ability. Most of the gate valves open and close by turning the handwheel connected to the stem, which causes the stem to move up and down in the guide groove and press the valve plate to the seat. However, the stem and the valve body press each other firmly, and if the gate valve is not used for a long time, it will take huge efforts to turn the wheel to open and close the valve, which impedes the valve use. Dervos new patent helps to alleviate the difficulty by inserting the valve plate into the groove of the valve body, the lifting assembly can quickly raise the valve plate so that the inlet and outlet can be connected and open the gate valve. On the other hand, the assembly can lower the valve plate to the lower surface of the valve plate and contact the bottom of the groove of the valve plate, so that the inlet and outlet cannot be connected and the gate valve can be closed. As for the globe valve, it is known as one of the most widely used valves to stop the flow of medium in a pipeline. The current piping system often fails to work properly due to impurities in the fluid in the pipeline, so it is necessary to add filtration function to the globe valve. By optimizing the internal structure, Dervos has innovatively installed strainers and other fittings inside the valve body, so that the globe valve has these advantages: 1. No need to cut off the medium when cleaning the strainer. 2. Easy replacement of filters. 3. Outstanding sealing performance. Dervos has been committed to bringing quality products to the market, and we also keep gonging on a creative development path.
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