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  • DERVOS Obtaines UKCA Certificate
    DERVOS Obtaines UKCA Certificate Sep 29, 2022
    On September 19, 2022, DERVOS obtained a new certificate -- UKCA certificate. UKCA is in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. It mainly indicates that the product meets the requirements of the United Kingdom market. See the following table of Product scope: Product and Type (used for mediums of liquid, steam, gas and oil) Check valve H44 used at -46~538°C PN20 and PN50, DN32~DN800 (CL150 and CL300, 1-1/4"~32") PN100, DN32~DN600 (CL600, 1-1/4"~24") PN150, DN32~DN500 (CL900, 1-1/4"~20") PN250 and PN420, DN32~DN300 (CL1500 and CL2500, 1-1/4"~12") Ball valve Q347 used at -29~200°C PN20 and PN50, DN32~DN500 (CL150 and CL300, 1-1/4"~20") PN100, DN32~DN400 (CL600, 1-1/4"-16") PN150/PN250/PN420, DN32~DN300 (CL900/CL1500/CL2500, 1-1/4"~12") Globe valve J41 used at -46~538°C PN20 and PN50, DN32~DN600 (CL150 and CL300, 1-1/4"~24") PN100 and PN250, DN32~DN400 (CL600~1500, 1-1/4"~16") PN420, DN32~DN300 (CL2500, 1-1/4"~12") Gate valve Z40 used at -46~538°C PN20, DN32~DN1400 (CL150, 1-1/4"~56") PN50, DN32~DN1050 (CL300, 1-1/4"~42") PN100, DN32~DN750 (CL600, 1-1/4"~30") PN150 and PN250, DN32~DN600 (CL900 and CL1500, 1-1/4"~24") PN420, DN32~DN300 (CL2500, 1-1/4"~12") Strainer G41 used at -46~538°C PN20 and PN50, DN32~DN600 (CL150 and CL300, 1-1/4"~24") PN100, DN32~DN500 (CL600, 1-1/4"~20") PN150 and PN250, DN32~DN300 (CL900 and CL1500, 1-1/4"~12") PN420, DN32~DN250 (CL2500, 1-1/4"~10") Plug Valve X47 used at -29~200°C PN20 and PN50, DN32~DN500 (CL150 and CL300, 1-1/4"~20") PN100, DN32~DN400 (CL600, 1-1/4"~16") PN150/PN250/PN420, DN32~DN300 (CL900/CL1500/CL2500, 1-1/4"~12") So far, DERVOS has obtained several certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, API 6D, PED CE, ATEX, ISO15848-1, API 6FA, API 624, API 607, EAC, UKCA, etc. DERVOS always adhere to the standardized management system, and strictly control product quality in all aspects of valve design, manufacturing, packaging and shipment, meet the requirements of customers and markets in various countries. DERVOS and DERVOS products deserve your trust!
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival in DERVOS
    Mid-Autumn Festival in DERVOS Sep 16, 2022
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people in different places have different customs and celebrations, but they all place their infinite love for life and yearning for a better life. So, how does DERVOS celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival? Bo Bing is an important folk competitive game custom in Fujian. The rule is that everyone rolls the dice in turn and receives the corresponding prize according to the number of dice. At 2:00 pm that day, everyone got ready to draw lots early. According to the result of the draw, we were divided into three tables. With excited cries and laughter, the prepared prizes were gradually won by everyone. Finally, the CHAMPION was won by West, Sheila and Rico. They are so lucky! After the Bo Bing, we went to Eric's house together. This time, we planned to have a "different dinner". We were still divided into three groups according to the results of the draw of Bo Bing, and each group prepared an adept cuisine. After discussion, the first group led by Eric prepared the Northeast specialty: Stewed in Iron Pot; the second group led by Ken was ready to make a hotpot that everyone loves; the third group led by Holly prepared luxurious seafood dishes! With a big direction, everyone was busy, cleaning, arranging the site, preparing food, cooking... everyone was in an orderly way! Finally, after a few hours of hard work, all the dishes of the three groups were finished. They looked very appetizing! And they were so delicious and sweet! It was a very successful meal! After dinner, we arranged another surprise activity, “A Surprise Bo Bing”! Different from the previous one, this Bo Bing set up "Easter eggs": Catwalk Show, Hot Dance Show, A Cup of Special Drink, No Hands to Eat Apples. They showed us the other side beyond work with confidence, joyful and passion. DERVOS always full of surprise. It's the show time! The Mid-Autumn Festival in DERVOS ended with laughter and laughter, a new tomorrow will come as scheduled! Work hard, play hard, DERVOS people takes care of work, life and every day!
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  • Mount Wuyi Witnessed the 14th Anniversary of DERVOS
    Mount Wuyi Witnessed the 14th Anniversary of DERVOS Jul 07, 2022
    In an instant, fourteen years have passed. Unconsciously, we ushered in the 14th anniversary of Dervos. During these 14 years, through continuous practice and learning, Dervos have withstood countless tests and worked tenaciously in this rapidly developing new era. In order to celebrate the birhday of Dervos, we gave up the monotonous indoor entertainments and embraced nature this year, went to Mount Wuyi, which is known as one of the "World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites". In order to have an enough leisure holiday so that everyone can have a full rest, CEO Eric arranged for us five days to enjoy nature. After breakfast at the B & B every morning, we will follow the tour guide to the scenic spots of Mount Wuyi: Dahongpao scenic spot, Tianyou peak, Yunv peak, yixiantian, bamboo raft rafting, etc. It has to be said that mountain climbing is a challenging sport for a group of urban beauties who are always accompanied by computers! Nevertheless, everyone is enthusiastic and determined to reach the top. Maybe you will see some breathless figures in the process of climbing, but thanks to Ken, Judy, Matthew and others who have good physical strength to help us explore the way and encourage us to insist, so we can have so many group photos of the top of the mountain! In addition to climbing, the most amazing thing is the live performance of impression Dahongpao, which is directed by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, with nearly 300 actors. It uses the world's first 360 degree rotating auditorium, you can see different scenes every time you rotate. It shows the history of tea, tea making technology. The antique pavilions brought us back to the past. Although the Mount Wuyi trip is over, the valve journey of Dervos is continuous. We will continue to provide you with high quality valves and considerate services! Let's develop together!
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  • Dervos' Products were Exhibited in EXPONOR 2022!
    Dervos' Products were Exhibited in EXPONOR 2022! Jun 23, 2022
    Exponor, an exhibition that takes place in Antofagasta - Chile every two years, links the latest advances aimed at the mining sector. It has a complete program of activities aimed at generating business opportunities and strengthening and establishing business networks at the national and international level. This year's exponor has been held from June 13 to 16, 2022. The industries participating in this exhibition include heavy equipment, process equipment, machinery, engineering services and electrical goods, automation, and control, etc. Our partner, the exclusive agent in Chile participated in exponor with our products. ①High Performance Butterfly Valve ▼Double offset, soft seated ▼Design: API609 ASME B16.34 ▼Pressure: Class 150-Class 600 ▼Size: 2”-60" ▼Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel ②Metal Sealed Butterfly Valve ▼Triple offset, metal seated ▼Design: API609 ASME B16.34 ▼Pressure: Class 150-Class 1500 ▼Size: 2"-60” ▼Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel ③Knife Gate Valve ▼Uni-directional or bi-directional, soft or metal seated ▼Design: MSS SP 81 ▼Pressure: Class 150 ▼Size: 2"-60" ▼Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Ductile Iron ④Lined Ball Valve ▼Design: ASME B16.34 ▼Pressure: Class 150 ▼Size: 1/2"-16” ▼Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel They all can be customized according to your needs! In May of 2022, DERVOS won a project which end user is AngloAmerican and application is iron ore mining. With this success, DERVOS is ready for more projects in mining industry.
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  • DERVOS 2021 Annual meeting
    DERVOS 2021 Annual meeting Feb 15, 2022
    2022 is the year of tiger in China. It placed people's expectations that they could be as brave and strong as tigers and keep working hard. DERVOS Annual meeting of 2021 was held in the second working day after the Spring Festival holiday, which is also Valentine's Day, 14th Feb. In the morning, the heads of all departments made work reports. In the work reports, they reviewed the work achievements of the past year. At the same time, the Department's work objectives and work plans for the new year were formulated. Finally, Eric, our general manager summarized and planed the direction of struggle in 2022.The key word is pragmatic and development. Pragmatic means to work steadily, reduce trial and error costs, and carry out work with practical and feasible schemes. In the meantime, go from complexity to simplicity,result oriented, the final goal is to achieve the development. In the evening, the annual work summary came to an end and the annual dinner officially began. This was not only a good time for different departments to get together, but also an opportunity to win big prizes. DERVOS people work hard and also love life. We are grateful to the support of our business partners over the past year. We will continue to improve and provide partners with the most professional support and meticulous service.
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  • When Christmas Meets Ping-pong
    When Christmas Meets Ping-pong Dec 28, 2021
    It comes to Christmas again where 2021 is about to arrive its destination. At the intersection between two years, Dervos of course will have celebrating activities to mark the important moment. In the morning of Christmas, our secretary prepared a bag full of candies for every one of us. Apart from candies, there was also an apple for everyone, which is an unusual popular tradition on Christmas Eve in China. The tradition came about because the Chinese word for apple sounds similar to the word for Christmas Eve, and it sands for best wishes. Ping pong, as the most popular sports game in China, has become a fad in Dervos for the past few months. When Christmas holiday met ping-pong, we decided to hold a special, Chinese-featured game this time--a ping-pong competition. We, divided into 4 teams, had to go through a series of sessions--singles, doubles and mixed doubles, to determine who will have the last laugh. And what was surprising was that we really prepared trophies, a ribbon-cutting and a banner for the opening ceremony. That was so funny. That was a funny and stressful afternoon, you have to say. Because infrequently we took it so seriously that everyone practiced and performed hard, longing for the laurel of the team. Though every team was brilliant no matter the result. And unarguably the best play went to West Lin who led his team to runner-up when the situation was not optimistic for him. In the end of this article, Dervos is honored to spend another year with our customers and friends. We sincerely wish you a happy holiday season and a best new year.
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