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Advantages of V-port Valves
Advantages of V-port Valves

The V-ball valves or V-port ball valves are similar to traditional ball in which there is a V-notch on a ball-shaped disc to control flow by a rotating quarter-turn motion. The “V-port" is a particular design that bring about precise flow and the ability to regulate and control flow by V balls of  different degrees. These special valves are used in a wide range of chemical applications, including the most challenging services with many advantages.   Flow Modulating The accuracy of V-ball valves provides equal percentage flow characteristics. As the ball rotates, desired flow rates can be achieved by positioning the ball anywhere between 0° and 90°.   Bubble tight shutoff V-ball valves have the ability to close tightly. Therefore, no other shutoff valves is required when using a V-ball valve on a globe valve.   Lower pressure drop V-ball valves also have a higher coefficient of flow (Cv) than the same size globe valve, which directs the flow and uses a plug to control the flow through the valve. This means that the flow rate achieved by one shut-off valve can be achieved with a smaller V-ball size.   Higher shutoff pressure. A 90°rotation of the ball allows the V-ball to close at a higher operating pressure. This therefore allows the use of lower torque actuators, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for the end user.

Know and Know More About Changeover Valve
Know and Know More About Changeover Valve

There are quite a few types of changeover valves, and according to different standards, there are different subdivisions. But in general, it is mainly four kinds, for motorized changeover valve, manual changeover valve, solenoid valve and electro-hydraulic changeover valve.   1. What is a changeover valve?   Changeover valve, from a professional point of view, is a kind of direction-change valve. It is mainly used to achieve the flow of hydraulic oil, cut off the machine changeover operations, pressure relieving, as well as sequential action control, so its use is very wide.   2. The working principle of reversing valve   The changeover valve uses a  driving mechanism outside the valve to rotate the drive shaft, and then activates the valve plate, etc. So that the fluid can flow into the outlet of the lower part of the valve, and can be changed from time to time to achieve the purpose of periodically changing the flow direction.   3. Changeover valve classification  (1) Motorized changeover valve, it is also known as a stroke valve.    (2) Electromagnetic changeover valve, electromagnetic changeover valve is the use of electromagnetic attraction to manipulate the spool changeover control valve.    (3) Electro-hydraulic changeover valve, electro-hydraulic changeover valve is a composite valve composed of solenoid valve and hydraulic changeover valve.    (4) Manual changeover valve, manual changeover valve is a changeover control valve with a manual lever to manipulate the spool shift direction-changing valve.  

How to extend the service life of lined valves?
How to extend the service life of lined valves?

Among the anti-corrosion materials, PTFE has incomparable excellent performance. In addition to outstanding chemical stability, it also has satisfactory anti-fouling and anti-stickiness, small dynamic and static friction coefficient, good anti-wear performance. Using it as a valve opening and closing the sealing material, the friction between the sealing surface and required operating torque will be reduced, hence product life increases. the application scope can also be extended to the food, pharmaceutical industry and so on. Fluorine lined valves, also known as anti-corrosion valves, are usually found in harsh working conditions. The media is either toxic and harmful chemicals, or pretty corrosive acids and bases or organic solvents. That means improper use and operation will elicit significant economic losses and serious consequences. Applicable media: various concentrations of acid and alkali salt and certain organic solvents. Fluorine is extolled as the world's most ideal anti-corrosion materials, has been widely used in the rotational molding of large equipment and piping lining. Correct use and maintenance of the valve can extend the service life of fluorine lined valves, then what can be done to effectively protect it? 1. Carefully read the instruction manual before use. 2. Use it within the range of pressure, temperature and media given by the nameplate or instruction. 3. To prevent fluorine lined valves from excessive piping stresses due to temperature changes, temperature changes should be minimized and U-shaped expansion joints should be added before and after the valve. 4. For some unstable and easily decomposed media (such media will expand after decomposition,  resulting in an abnormal pressure rise) and media that can cause valve damage or leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or limit the factors that cause the decomposition of unstable media. 5. For fluorine lined valves in pipelines of toxic, flammable, explosive, highly corrosive media, it is strictly prohibited to replace the packing under pressure. Even the valves are designed with sealing part, it is not recommended to replace the packing under pressure either. 6. For pipelines with self-combustible media, measures should be taken to ensure that the ambient and working temperatures do not exceed the self-combustibility point of the media to avoid the danger from sunlight or external fires.

LF2 Cryogenic Ball Valve

Extended Stem Cryogenic Ball Valve LF2 1500LB BW

  • Payment:

    30% T/T When Order, 70% T/T Before Shipment
  • Product Origin:

  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai China
  • Lead Time:

    35~60 days Ex Works After Order Confirmation
  • Material:

    Low Temperature Steel Ball Valve, A350 LF2
  • Method of Operation:

    Gearbox Operated Ball Valve
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Product Detail

The Class 1500 4'' cryogenic ball valve is designed with extended stem for low temperature application. The valve is made of LF2 with fully welded body, butt weld end and gearbox operation. 

Design Feature
-Fully welded & forged body
-Extended stem or bonnet
-Full port design and piggable
-Anti blow-out stem
-Antistatic function
- Automatic cavity relief
-Bi-directional seat and DBB design
-With stem and seat grease fittings

Quick Detail


Ball Valve




ANSI 1500


One-Piece Body, Fully Weld, Extended Stem or Bonnet, Full Port


Butt Weld


Gearbox Operated

Body Material

Low Temperature Steel A350 LF2

Design Code


Pressure & Temp

ASME B16.34

End to End Dimension

ASME B16.10

End Connection

ASME B16.25


API 598

Temperature Range



Oil, Water, Gas

Related Knowledge
What is the difference between full bore and reduced bore ball valve?

The internal diameter of a full bore ball valve is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe. The full bore ball valve has little resistance and pressure drop to the flow. Plus, the full bore ball valve is piggable.

However, the internal diameter of a reduced port (standard port) ball valve is smaller than the inner pipe size. Flow restriction caused by the reduced port will cause a pressure drop. And sometimes a pig to clean the pipe will get stuck in the reduced port ball valve.

Dervos could provide reports upon clients’ requests, such as ISO 9001, PED CE, EAC, API 607, API 6D, API 6A and etc.
Cryogenic Ball Valve Manufacturers

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Cryogenic Floating Ball Valve 4Inch 300LB RF Lever
Cryogenic Floating Ball Valve 4Inch 300LB RF Lever

The 4 inch cryogenic ball valve, designed as per API609, has many parts equipped RPTFE --It has the lowest coefficient of friction and the best corrosion resistance of any known plastic material, so that the valve can handle quite extreme situations.

2500LB High Pressure Non Return Valve
Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve 12 Inch 2500LB

The 12 inch high pressure check valve is designed with pressure seal bonnet, RTJ flange, tilting disc, made of carbon steel WCB body and hard face sealing. Quick Detail Type Check Valve Size 12'' DesignPressure 2500LB Construction Pressure Seal Bonnet, Tilting Disc Type Connection RTJ Flange Design & Manufacture ASME B16.34 End to End ASME B16.10 Connection ASME B16.5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material A216 WCB Trim Material 13CR+STL Temp Range -29℃~+350℃ Media W.O.G. Product Range Body Material Range: WCB, WCC, WC1,CF8M, CF8, CF3, CF3M, LCB, LCC Size Range: 2”~60” (DN50~DN1500) End Connection Type: Flange End, Weld End Design Pressure Range: 150lbs~600lbs  Temp Range: -46℃~ +425℃ Related Knowledge What is a tilting disc check valve? The disc of a tilting disc check valve has a pivot point at the center of it. It is desinged to overcome weaknesses of general type swing check valve. Compared to swing type check valve, the tilting check valve could remain fully open and steady at lower flow rates. That is to say, the swing check valve needs a high velocity of fluid to keep disc open and a higher cracking pressure. For low pressure situation, the pressure drop of a tilting disc check valve is much lower than the swing type. But at a higher flow rate, the tilting check valve has higher pressure drop than swing type.

Gate Valve Handwheel BB OSY
Handwheel Gate Valve BB DN80 PN25 DIN1.0619

The DN80 PN25 gate valve is designed as per EN 1984. With common parts of a valve, like bolted bonnet, outside yoke and handwheel, its body is made of 1.0619 and 13Cr. Other parts including body, bonnet,seat and others are promised to be traceable.   Quick Detail Type Gate Valve Nominal Diameter DN80 NominalPressure PN25 Construction B.B ; OS&Y Connection RF Operation Handwheel Design & Manufacture EN 1984 End to End  DIN 3202 Flange End Dimension EN 1092-1 Test & Inspection  EN 12266-1 Temperature Range -29℃~+425℃ Body Material 1.0619 +STL Wedge Material 1.0619 +13Cr Media W.O.G. Company Brief Introduction  Specializing in valve industry over 10 years, Dervos becomes the leading vendor of gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug valves and strainers. We serve oil and gas user such as LUKOIL, MOL, YPF with local partners.   Dervos show its advantages in: 1. Our partnerships with tens of stable suppliers allow us to provide customers with a wide range of high-quality products at a competitive price. 2. Each order is under strict quality control with inspection reports before delivery. 3. We value delivery time as much as our customers do. With the powerful purchasing system, we follow each order closely to secure on-time delivery. 4. One-stop solutions will be offered in a timely manner

Top Entry Ball Valve ASTM A105 8'' 900LB
Top Entry Ball Valve ASTM A105 8'' 900LB

The 8 inch top entry ball valve with features of cavity pressure self-relief and emergency sealant injection is designed as per API 6D. It’s capable to handle working pressure up to 900LB.

Lift Check Valve
Forged Steel Flanged Lift Check Valve 1 Inch 150LB

The forged steel lift check valve is designed with class 150 pressure and 1 inch nominal size according to standard API 602. We also call it as piston check valve. Quick Detail Type Check Valve Size 1'' DesignPressure 150LB Construction Lift Type, Piston Type Connection RF Flange Design & Manufacture API 602 End to End ASME B16.10 Connection ASME B16.5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material ASTM A105N Trim Material Trim 5 Temp Range -29℃~+425℃ Media W.O.G. Dimension Checking Pressure Tesing Packing

WCB Globe Control Valve
Electric Globe Control Valve WCB PN40 DN200 RF

The electric control valve is made of carbon steel WCB designed for precise flow control and regulating. Dervos have many suppliers of different control valve types. Quick Detail Type Globe Control Valve Size DN 200 DesignPressure PN 40 ConnectionType RF Flange Design Code ASME B16.34 End Connection ASME B16.5 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material A216 WCB TrimMaterial Stainless Steel Application Water, Oil, Gas Company Profile Founded in 2008, DERVOS VALVES INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a professional vendor, exporter and supplier of industrial valves, pipes and fittings. Dervos has expanded its business to five continents around the world, including Europe, Oceania, Africa, America and Asia. Our commitment is to find the most suitable products for our clients in an efficient way. We adopt modern management skills to make sure efficiency in production and selling system. How we handle complaints When complaints come, how do we handle them? We will reply within 24 hours and ask more proof from clients. Then we discuss with QC and factories to identify the reason. In the third day, we will provide a solution to clients.  

Swing check valve
API 6D WCB RF Swing Type Check Valve CL600 4 inch 6 inch

API6D swing type check valve RF connnection bolted bonnet full pore WCB body, WCB+13Cr disc, A105+13Cr seat ring, WCB hinge. Suitable temperature in -29℃~+425℃ Quick Detail Type Swing Check Valve Size 4 inch-6 inch Design Pressure CL600 Construction BC, Swing type ConnectionType Flange OperationType - Body Material WCB DiscMaterial WCB+13Cr Hinge Material WCB Seat Material A105+13Cr Design Code API 6D Face to Face Dimension ASME B16.10 Test and Inspect API 598 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China

150LB V ball valve Duplex Stainless Steel 4A
150LB V ball valve Duplex Stainless Steel 4A

The 150LB ball valve, made of Duplex stainless steel 4A, has a special V port ball. The valve is particularly suitable for media containing fibers, tiny solid particles, slurry and so on. 

API594 Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve WCB 300LB
API594 Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve WCB 300LB

The 10 inch Dual-Plate WAFER Check Valve is made of WCB and is eligible to be put under pressure up to 30LB. All Dervos check valves are tested to API 598 and must meet or exceed all applicable API, ANSI and ASTM Standards.

JIS Globe Valve Flanged
Marine Bronze Globe Valve DN32 5K FF Flanged

The DN32 JIS 5K globe valve is suitable for marine application. The bronze globe valve is handwheel operated with FF flange. Quick Detail Type Marine Globe Valve Size DN 32 Design Pressure 5K Connection Type FF Flange Design Code JIS F7301 Face to Face JIS B2002 Body Material Bronze Trim Material Bronze Application Water, Oil, Gas Purchasing System Late delivery time become a common issue in 2018. However, Dervos keep more than 90% on-time delivery, so how do we achieve that? It owns our purchasing department.  How do we react to a delay crisis? -Visit the factory everyday and supervise on site -Initiate related resources, such as machining workshops and skilled workers to help on expediting production What benefits could we do for you by keeping on-time delivery? -Avoid penalty from end user -Accumulate reputation -Gain client’s trust FAQ 1. Do you have your own foundry or forge shop?  No, but we have an approved list of foundries over the past decade of casting inspections, which can make sure that our castings are of good quality and all the raw materials are traceable.  2. Can you do NDE Capability radiography, MT, UT, LP? Of course, we can do all these tests upon our clients, but there will be additional charge to these tests. 3. What kind of test will you do for each order? After valve assembly, we will do hydraulic test for shell & sealing and air test. Plus, we will do dimension checking (face to face dimension, flange dimension) as per assembly drawing and standards.

150LB high performance double offset butterfly valve WAFER
150LB high performance double offset butterfly valve WAFER

The 3 inch 150LB butterfly valve has a double-offset disc design that allows the disc to move off the seat reducing running torque and seat wear. The Wafer type valve can be driven by a gearbox and handwheel or by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

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