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Advantages of V-port Valves
Advantages of V-port Valves

The V-ball valves or V-port ball valves are similar to traditional ball in which there is a V-notch on a ball-shaped disc to control flow by a rotating quarter-turn motion. The “V-port" is a particular design that bring about precise flow and the ability to regulate and control flow by V balls of  different degrees. These special valves are used in a wide range of chemical applications, including the most challenging services with many advantages.   Flow Modulating The accuracy of V-ball valves provides equal percentage flow characteristics. As the ball rotates, desired flow rates can be achieved by positioning the ball anywhere between 0° and 90°.   Bubble tight shutoff V-ball valves have the ability to close tightly. Therefore, no other shutoff valves is required when using a V-ball valve on a globe valve.   Lower pressure drop V-ball valves also have a higher coefficient of flow (Cv) than the same size globe valve, which directs the flow and uses a plug to control the flow through the valve. This means that the flow rate achieved by one shut-off valve can be achieved with a smaller V-ball size.   Higher shutoff pressure. A 90°rotation of the ball allows the V-ball to close at a higher operating pressure. This therefore allows the use of lower torque actuators, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency for the end user.

Know and Know More About Changeover Valve
Know and Know More About Changeover Valve

There are quite a few types of changeover valves, and according to different standards, there are different subdivisions. But in general, it is mainly four kinds, for motorized changeover valve, manual changeover valve, solenoid valve and electro-hydraulic changeover valve.   1. What is a changeover valve?   Changeover valve, from a professional point of view, is a kind of direction-change valve. It is mainly used to achieve the flow of hydraulic oil, cut off the machine changeover operations, pressure relieving, as well as sequential action control, so its use is very wide.   2. The working principle of reversing valve   The changeover valve uses a  driving mechanism outside the valve to rotate the drive shaft, and then activates the valve plate, etc. So that the fluid can flow into the outlet of the lower part of the valve, and can be changed from time to time to achieve the purpose of periodically changing the flow direction.   3. Changeover valve classification  (1) Motorized changeover valve, it is also known as a stroke valve.    (2) Electromagnetic changeover valve, electromagnetic changeover valve is the use of electromagnetic attraction to manipulate the spool changeover control valve.    (3) Electro-hydraulic changeover valve, electro-hydraulic changeover valve is a composite valve composed of solenoid valve and hydraulic changeover valve.    (4) Manual changeover valve, manual changeover valve is a changeover control valve with a manual lever to manipulate the spool shift direction-changing valve.  

How to extend the service life of lined valves?
How to extend the service life of lined valves?

Among the anti-corrosion materials, PTFE has incomparable excellent performance. In addition to outstanding chemical stability, it also has satisfactory anti-fouling and anti-stickiness, small dynamic and static friction coefficient, good anti-wear performance. Using it as a valve opening and closing the sealing material, the friction between the sealing surface and required operating torque will be reduced, hence product life increases. the application scope can also be extended to the food, pharmaceutical industry and so on. Fluorine lined valves, also known as anti-corrosion valves, are usually found in harsh working conditions. The media is either toxic and harmful chemicals, or pretty corrosive acids and bases or organic solvents. That means improper use and operation will elicit significant economic losses and serious consequences. Applicable media: various concentrations of acid and alkali salt and certain organic solvents. Fluorine is extolled as the world's most ideal anti-corrosion materials, has been widely used in the rotational molding of large equipment and piping lining. Correct use and maintenance of the valve can extend the service life of fluorine lined valves, then what can be done to effectively protect it? 1. Carefully read the instruction manual before use. 2. Use it within the range of pressure, temperature and media given by the nameplate or instruction. 3. To prevent fluorine lined valves from excessive piping stresses due to temperature changes, temperature changes should be minimized and U-shaped expansion joints should be added before and after the valve. 4. For some unstable and easily decomposed media (such media will expand after decomposition,  resulting in an abnormal pressure rise) and media that can cause valve damage or leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or limit the factors that cause the decomposition of unstable media. 5. For fluorine lined valves in pipelines of toxic, flammable, explosive, highly corrosive media, it is strictly prohibited to replace the packing under pressure. Even the valves are designed with sealing part, it is not recommended to replace the packing under pressure either. 6. For pipelines with self-combustible media, measures should be taken to ensure that the ambient and working temperatures do not exceed the self-combustibility point of the media to avoid the danger from sunlight or external fires.

Forged Steel ASTM A105 Globe Valve

Forged Steel Globe Valve 1 Inch 800LB Threaded Manual

  • Payment:

    30% T/T When Order, 70% T/T Before Shipment
  • Product Origin:

  • Color:

  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai China
  • Lead Time:

    35~60 days Ex Works After Order Confirmation
  • Material:

    Forged Steel Globe Valve, Carbon Steel Globe Valve
  • Method of Operation:

    Handwheel Operated Globe Valve
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Product Detail
The 1 inch 800LB female threaded globe valve has plug disc, reduced port and manual handwheel operation. The valve is made of A105N body and trim 5 as per API 602.

Quick Detail


Globe Valve




Class 800


Bolted Bonnet, Reduced Port, Outside Scew & Yoke


NPT Female Thread


Handwheel Operated

Design Code

API 602

End to End Dimension

ASME B16.10


ASME B1.20.1

Pressure & Temp

ASME B16.34

Test & Inspection

API 598

Body Material

Forged Steel A105



Temperature Range



Water, Oil, Gas



Product Range
1.Size up to 4 inch
2.Design pressure between 150LB to 2500LB
3.Connection: flange, socket weld, thread
4.Operation: handwheel, gearbox, bare stem, with actuators
5.Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
6.Trim material: trim 1, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 and ect.
7.Bolted bonnet, pressure sealed bonnet, welded bonnet, screwed bonnet
8.Reduced bore, full bore

Inspection Reports
Along with each order, Dervos will provide inspection reports and material test reports free of charge after shipment. All these certificates will let you have a clear picture of inspection process and results. Plus, these reports can be used for traceability. 
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Handwheel 1.0619 Gate Valve
DN200 PN40 Bolt Bonnet Handwheel 1.0619 Gate Valve

Bolt bonnet Gate valve follow EN1984 design standard, raised face flanged connection, outside screw and yoke, handwheel operation, GP240GP body/bonnet/wedge material, F6a stem, metal seal/seated. Quick Detail  Type Gate Valve Size DN200 DesignPressure PN40 Construction Bolt Bonnet Gate Valve Connection Type Raised Face Flange Connection Operation Handwheel Design Code EN 1984 Face to Face DIN 3202 End Connection EN 1092-1 Test & Inspection  EN 12266-1 Body Material GP240GH Temperature Range -29~425℃ Application WOG

Pressure Seal Bonnet Gate Valve
Pressure Seal Bonnet Gate Valve BW 8 Inch 2500LB

The 8 inch Class 2500 gate valve is designed with pressure seal bonnet, butt weld connection, and gearbox operation. The 8 inch gate valve has carbon steel WCB body and trim 5. Quick Detail Type Gate Valve Size 8'' Design Pressure ANSI 2500 Construction Pressure Seal Bonnet, Flexible Wedge, Metal to Metal Seat ConnectionType Butt Weld (SW) OperationType Gearbox Operation Body Material A217 WC6 TrimMaterial Trim 5 Design Code API 600 Face to Face Dimension ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.25 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Dimension & Material NPS      DN Class 2 2 1/2 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 L(RF) 900LB 368 419 381 457 610 737 838 965 1029 1130       1500LB 368 419 470 546 705 832 991 1130 1257 1384       2500LB 451 508 578 673 917 1022 1270             L1(BW) 900LB 216 254 305 355 508 660 787 914 991 1092 1346 1473 1600 1500LB 216 254 305 406 559 711 864 991 1067 1194 1697     2500LB 279 330 368 457 610 762 914 1041 1118 1245       L2(RTJ) 900LB 371 422 384 460 613 740 841 968 1038 1140       1500LB 371 422 473 549 711 841 1000 1146 1276 1407       2500LB 454 514 584 683 927 1038 1292             H(Opne) 900LB 554 637 680 796 1084 1372 1494 1550 1960 2210       1500LB 554 637 767 875 1094 1372 1655 1834 2150 2260 2460 2721 2940 2500LB 610 654 753 850 1254 1374 1685 1894 2226 2382 2585     W 900LB 300 350 350 400 560 460* 610* 610* 610* 760*       1500LB 300 450 450 560 305* 460* 610* 610* 760* 760*       2500LB 500 500 600 600 460* 460* 610*             Weight   (RF) 900LB 50 84 92 154 341 622 950 1295 1720 2380       1500LB 60 91 128 182 394 795 1370 2120 2800 3870       2500LB 121 175 195 229 720 1295 2250             Weight   (BW) 900LB 39 64 82 120 266 524 760 1090 1450 2018       1500LB 46 71 85 130 292 578 974 1615 2010 2815 3315 4150 5219 2500LB 88 135 144 158 500 892 1550 1978 2580 3780 5988     *Manual gear operator is recommended No. Part WCB WC6 WC9  C5 CF8 CF8M 1 Body A216 WCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M 2 Seat A182 F6a A182 F22 A182 F22 A182 F5 A182 F304 A182 F316 3 Wedge A216 WCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M 4 Stem A182 F6a SAEHNV3 A182 F304 A182 F316 5 Stuffing Box A216 WCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M 6 Seal Ring ANSI 316L Flexible Graphite+316 7 Split Ring Steel F6 F6 F6 A182 F304 F316 8 Back Ring Steel Steel Steel Steel SS SS 9 Bolt A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B8 10 Nut A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 Gr.8 A194 Gr.8 11 Yoke A216 WCB A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M 12 Bolt A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B8 13 Nut A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 Gr.8 A194 Gr.8 14 Packing Plate ANSI 410 ANSI 410 ANSI 410 ANSI 410 ANSI 304 ANSI 316 15 Packing Flexible Graphite(Braided and Ring) or PTFE 16 Split Pin Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel 17 Eyebolt A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B8 18 Gland A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F316 19 Gland Flange A105 A105 A105 A105 A182 F304 A182 F316 20 Nut A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 2H A194 Gr.8 A194 Gr.8 21 Stud A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 A193 B7 22 Stem Nut Ni-resist A439-D2 23 Gear Box Purchased 24 Protector Steel 25 Nameplate ANSI 304 26 Rivet ANSI 304

Carbon Steel Slab Gate Valve
Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve DN200 PN64 Flanged

The through conduit slab gate valve, designed as per DIN standard, has the diversion hole for pipeline cleaning. The PN64 parallel disc gate valve is made of carbon steel with RF flange and handwheel. Quick Detail Type Parallel Slab Gate Valve Nominal Diameter DN 200 Nominal Pressure PN 64 Construction Parallel Slabe Gate Valve, With Diversion Hole, Bolted Bonnet, Resilient Seat Connection Flange Operation Handwheel Operation Body Material Carbon Steel Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Design Feature 1.Parellel disc 2.Soft seat and metal seat for choices 3.Full bore design for pigging and less pressure drop 4.Firesafe design 5.Self relieving function 6.Grease fitting for seat and stem 7.Double block and bleed capability 8.With vent and drain port 9.Tight sealing performance  Material Part Name Material Body & Bonnet A216 WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M Wedge Alloy Steel (face harden treated), Stainless Steel (with Co overlay) Stem Alloy Steel (face erosion-resistant treated) Seat Alloy Steel (face harden treated, beset F plastic), Steel (with Co overlay, best F plastic) Packing PTFE O-Ring NBR, FEP Sealing Grease  

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Double Offset Cast Iron Butterfly Valve EN593 PN10 DN500

The cast iron butterfly valve belongs to double offset type. It owns a compact body, low torque value, and perfect sealing function, suited for water application with normal temperature range. Quick Detail Type Butterfly Valve Nominal Size DN500 Nominal Pressure PN10 Structure Double Offset, Soft Seated Connection Type Flange Type Operation Gear Operated Design Code EN 593 Face to Face EN 558 End Connection EN 1092 Test & Inspection EN 12266 Body Material Cast Iron GGG50 Temperature Range -15℃~+150℃ Application Water, Oil, Gas Dimension Checking & Pressure Testing Tag & Packing

Electric Actuated Gate Valve
Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve Lug Electric 6 Inch

The 6 inch stainless steel gate valve, designed as per MSS-SP-81, has the lug type connection per Class 150 and electric actuator. Quick Detail Type Knife Gate Valve Size 6'' Design Pressure ANSI 150 Construction Knife Type Gate Valve ConnectionType Lug Type OperationType Electric Actuator Body Material ASTM A351 CF8 TrimMaterial SS304 Design Code MSS SP81 Medium Water, Oil and Gas Origin China Related Knowledge What are knife gate valves used for? Knife gate valves are originally designed for paper industry. The knife gate valve is especially applicable for heavy liquids with solid particulates, like slurry liquid, that are most corrosive, erosive and abrasive. Compared to wedge gate valve, the knife gate valve has a shorter end to end dimension and lighter weight. Plus, the knife valve has a more sharpened disc to cut through slurry and viscous medium. Both wedge gate valve and knife gate valve can only be used for on-off function not for regulating the flow. Dervos Customer Service With Dervos customer service, you will not have any concern before, during and after buying valves. Pre-sales We will reply on time and also provide technical support upon your request. Order We will check the production details with factory and customers. Sales confirmation will also be sent. During production, we will also send weekly report to let you know the order status. Before shipment, delivery note will be sent to let you know the situation. 18 Month warranty Dervos is always responsible for their products. We will provide 18 months warranty to let our customers without concern.

API 6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve 24 Inch 300LB API 6D

The Class 300 flanged ball valve has cast steel WCB body, stainless steel ball, stem, seat ring along with Devlon seat insert. We also supply more types of trunnion mounted ball valve, accept customized. Design Feature 1.Firesafe design as per API 607 2.With sealant injection for self lubricating 3.With antistatic design 4.With anti-blowout stem 5.With vent and drain port 6.Full bore design 7.Three-piece type and trunnion ball 8.Gear operated for easy operation Quick Detail Type Ball Valve Size 24" Pressure ANSI 300 Construction Trunnion Type Ball, 3-Piece Body, Side Entry, Full Bore Connection Flange Connection Operation Gearbox Operation Body Material ASTM A216 WCB Design Code API 6D Pressure & Temp Code ASME B16.34 Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.5 Test & Inspection Code API 598, API 6D Fire Safe API 607 Temperature Range -29℃~+200℃ Medium WOG Origin China Dimension CLASS 300 DN mm 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 700 NPS in 2 2.5 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 28 L (RF) mm 216 241 283 305 403 502 568 648 762 838 914 991 1143 1346 in 8.5 9.5 11.13 12 15.88 19.75 22.38 25.5 30 33 36 39 45 53 L1 (BW) mm 216 241 283 305 457 521 559 635 762 838 914 991 1143 1346 in 8.5 9.5 11.13 12 18 20.5 22 25 30 33 36 39 45 53 L2 (RTJ) mm 232 257 298 321 419 518 584 664 778 854 930 1010 1165 1372 in 9.13 10.13 11.75 12.63 16.5 20.38 23 26.13 30.63 33.63 36.63 39.75 45.89 54 H mm 153 165 195 213 272 342 495 580 625 720 790 840 1050 1150 in 6.02 6.5 7.68 8.39 10.7 13.5 19.5 22.85 24.6 28.35 31 33.1 41.34 45.3 Do(W) mm 400 400 600 850 1100 1500 *350 *350 *600 *600 *800 *800 *800 *800 in 15.74 15.74 23.62 33.46 43.3 59 13.8 13.8 23.6 23.6 31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5 RF(Kg)   18 27 47 80 118 200 365 530 740 1030 1320 1540 2600 3900 BW(Kg)   14 2 38 65 105 185 342 503 713 1000 1285 1498 2540 3825 *Worm Gear or Electric Actuator Operated Dervos Quality Checking System In Dervos, we control quality throughout the whole manufacturing process. Casting inspection: Though casting inspection, we can find out the problem of raw material, such as shoddy casting, unqualified wall thickness, chemical composition and so on, which ensure that you will not be cheated.   Machining Inspection: On the one hand, we could ensure machining accuracy through this process. On the other hand, we can find out machining mistake as early as possible, to win more time for repairing and remaking  Final Inspection:  Final inspection activities include document and QC record review, visual examination, dimension check, pressure test, painting and packing check. You don’t need to come and inspect in person and all the documents could be provided as proof.

Pressure Balance Plug Valve With Lever
Inverted Pressure Balanced Lubricated WCB 2 Inch Plug Valve

Inverted Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug Valve is 2 inch and WCB body with metal seated. Apply to temperature lower than 80℃. Quick Detail  Type Plug Valve Size 2” DesignPressure 150LB Construction Lubricated Type Plug Valve Connection Type Flange Connection Operation Lever/Wrench Design Code API6D Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.5 Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Test & Inspection  API6D Body Material A216 WCB Temperature Range <80℃ Application WOG

Bellow Seal Globe Valve PN40
Cast Steel Bellow Seal Globe Valve DN65 PN40 1.0619

Dervos bellow seal globe valve is designed as per EN13709 with face to face dimesnsion per EN558. The special designed bellow seal make sure zero leakage from stem. Quick Detail Type Globe Valve Norminal Size DN 65 NorminalPressure PN 40 Construction Bolted Bonnet, Rising Stem, Bellow Sealed ConnectionType RF Flange Operation Handwheel Design Code EN13709 Face to Face EN 558 Connection EN1092 Test & Inspection EN12266 Body Material Carbon Steel 1.0619 Bellow Material SS304, SS316, SS316L and etc ApplicableTemp -29℃~+420℃ Application Water, Oil, Gas Structure Feature 1. Standard design of double-wall bellow seal 2. Heat-dissipating bonnet design; 3. With lubricant storage device; 4, With design of circlip to fix stem nut; 5. Reasonable product structure, reliable sealing performance and good appearance; 6. The sealing surface is welded with Co-based hard alloy, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-friction performance and long service life; 7. Stem has nitriding treatment with good corrosion resistance and anti-friction performance; 8. With position indicator for stem movement;

WCB Globe Control Valve
Electric Globe Control Valve WCB PN40 DN200 RF

The electric control valve is made of carbon steel WCB designed for precise flow control and regulating. Dervos have many suppliers of different control valve types. Quick Detail Type Globe Control Valve Size DN 200 DesignPressure PN 40 ConnectionType RF Flange Design Code ASME B16.34 End Connection ASME B16.5 Face to Face ASME B16.10 Test & Inspection API 598 Body Material A216 WCB TrimMaterial Stainless Steel Application Water, Oil, Gas Company Profile Founded in 2008, DERVOS VALVES INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a professional vendor, exporter and supplier of industrial valves, pipes and fittings. Dervos has expanded its business to five continents around the world, including Europe, Oceania, Africa, America and Asia. Our commitment is to find the most suitable products for our clients in an efficient way. We adopt modern management skills to make sure efficiency in production and selling system. How we handle complaints When complaints come, how do we handle them? We will reply within 24 hours and ask more proof from clients. Then we discuss with QC and factories to identify the reason. In the third day, we will provide a solution to clients.  

10 Inch Fully Welded Ball Valve
10 Inch Fully Welded Ball Valve A105 BW Gearbox

With butt weld end and gearbox, the fully welded ball valve is designed per ASME B16.34. The one piece ball valve has trunnion type ball, antistatic design and full port structure. Quick Detail Type Ball Valve Size 10" Pressure ANSI 300 Construction Trunnion Type, One Piece Body, Full Bore, Fully Welded Connection Butt Weld (BW) Operation Gearbox Body Material Forged Steel A105 Design API 6D Pressure & Temp ASME B16.34 Face to Face ASME B16.10 End Connection ASME B16.25 Inspection API 598 Temperature Range -29℃~+125℃ Media W.O.G Related Knowledge What is a fully welded ball valve? What is the benefit and advantage of a fully welded ball valve? A fully welded ball valve is welded after forging without any bolted connection on the body. Compared with flanged ball valve, it features in maximum strength at minimum weight. The design of the valve gives it advantage: -Overall small size and light weight -Fewer leak paths on the body  -High machining precision of ball part -High resistance to external and internal pressure and strength Our Service Dervos customer service is one of our biggest competitive advantages. In Dervos, we provide- 1.Quotation within 24 hours or no later than 3 days This will let you meet the quotation submission deadline and enhance your working efficiency  2.Weekly status report of your order In this way, you will have a clear picture of your order. You do not need to waste time on pushing us for status update 3.An 18-month warranty period A warranty certificate will issued after shipment and you will not have any concern after buying valves. 4.Solutions to complaints within 3 days Quick and responsible actions to complaints will protect your reputation and reduce the financial loss as much as possible.

Cryogenic Floating Ball Valve 4Inch 300LB RF Lever
Cryogenic Floating Ball Valve 4Inch 300LB RF Lever

The 4 inch cryogenic ball valve, designed as per API609, has many parts equipped RPTFE --It has the lowest coefficient of friction and the best corrosion resistance of any known plastic material, so that the valve can handle quite extreme situations.

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