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Next Station, Chengdu !

After thousand times of discussion and debate, Chengdu--a charming and vigorous city in southwest China, and several spectacular natural sites around the city are decided to be the destination of this year’s company trip.

For the first time on this year's trip, we split into two teams. One team fly to the city and go to a nationally renowned tourist attraction namedJiuzhai Vally,and the other who have visited the city before choose to take a road trip to Chengdu. After 4days, the two Dervos squads will meet in the beautiful city.

Where the Sightseeing-team goes to is a national park that’s best known for its fabled blue and green lakes, spectacular waterfalls, narrow conic karst land forms and its unique wildlife. Jiuzhai vally is almost the synonym of fairyland.

Though it was rainy, the rain and stray cloud also added special emotions to the picturesque place. Literally, we took hundreds and thousands of pictures there. We wanted to catch the fascinating scene and catch the moment we spend together.

Then Let’s talk another team-- the self-driving team. In 4 days, they made their way north, crossed 5 province, visited cities and ancient towns, tasted local dishes and they even drove to a mountain at an elevation of 4,000 meters. You have to say that, they are the real players and played more than hard.

Two teams, in the end, met in Chengdu. We have one kind of national-wide popular food in China called ‘hotpot’ which actually is born in Chengdu. Of course we didn’t miss it. What’s more, Chengdu is home to anther thing you definitely heard before or even love-- panda. We also visited these adorable creatures.

We say that 2020 is quite a difficult year. It’s like on a hard mode. But we believe that it will get better. The road lays there, it always waits for someone to step onto it. We, Dervos people, have been on the road, and will never stop.

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