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Dervos obtains 2 new technical patents

Dervos recently attained two new kinds of technical patent that refer to a kind of gate valve and a kind of globe valve with filtration ability.

Most of the gate valves open and close by turning the handwheel connected to the stem, which causes the stem to move up and down in the guide groove and press the valve plate to the seat. However, the stem and the valve body press each other firmly, and if the gate valve is not used for a long time, it will take huge efforts to turn the wheel to open and close the valve, which impedes the valve use.

Dervos new patent helps to alleviate the difficulty by inserting the valve plate into the groove of the valve body, the lifting assembly can quickly raise the valve plate so that the inlet and outlet can be connected and open the gate valve. On the other hand, the assembly can lower the valve plate to the lower surface of the valve plate and contact the bottom of the groove of the valve plate, so that the inlet and outlet cannot be connected and the gate valve can be closed.

As for the globe valve, it is known as one of the most widely used valves to stop the flow of medium in a pipeline. The current piping system often fails to work properly due to impurities in the fluid in the pipeline, so it is necessary to add filtration function to the globe valve.

By optimizing the internal structure, Dervos has innovatively installed strainers and other fittings inside the valve body, so that the globe valve has these advantages:

1. No need to cut off the medium when cleaning the strainer.

2. Easy replacement of filters.

3. Outstanding sealing performance.

Dervos has been committed to bringing quality products to the market, and we also keep gonging on a creative development path.

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