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What 3 parts of Triple offset butterfly valve are offset?

The sealing performance of traditional hard seal butterfly valve is not so satisfying, because the leakage of the valve is hard to avoid. In order to change this situation, after several upgrades of hard seal butterfly valve, the triple eccentric butterfly valve arrives.


The characteristic of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is that the high-temperature and corrosion resistant alloy material is welded to the seat sealing surface layer, and the multi-layer soft stacked seal ring is fixed on the butterfly plate. Such a process makes the triple eccentric butterfly valve more resistant to high temperature and high pressure environment and more corrosion-resistant than the traditional butterfly valve products.


To be specific,  the benefits of the triple eccentric structure of the hard seal butterfly valve are--


The design of the triple eccentric type is so unique that the metal hard seal begins to save more effort. When the valve is open or closed, there is no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve body while rotating. When the valve is closed, the increasing torque of the transmission mechanism can provide a compensating seal, greatly improving the sealing performance of the triple eccentric butterfly valve. At the same time, the service life of the butterfly valve increases.


What 3 parts of Triple offset butterfly valve are offset?


The first eccentric part is that the spindle which is located behind the spindle of the valve plate, allowing the seal to completely and tightly surround the entire valve seat.


The second eccentric part is that the centerline of the valve shaft deviates from the centerline of the pipe and the valve. This construct prevents interference from valve opening and closing.


The third eccentric is that the valve seat cone axis deviates from the center line of the valve shaft, so as to eliminate friction in the closing and opening process, and to achieve a uniform and consistent compression seal around the entire valve seat.


The above is an introduction to the three eccentric butterfly valve, three eccentric butterfly valve is a high-performance butterfly valve, currently used in many fields. And even in some areas, triple offset butterfly valve has took the place of the gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and other products.


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