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Installation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is a newly developeddurable energy-friendly butterfly valve.This kind of butterfly valve adopts new technologies such astriple eccentric design, elastic sealing,multilevel hard and soft sealing processing, so that the butterfly valves are more than reliable and they can achieve no leakageingas sealing.

The pneumatic actuator adopts curved arm conversion structure, which has the characteristics of large output torque, small volume, stable and reliable performance, etc. It can be used with valve positioner. Or used in conjunction with solenoid valves, the device can achieve proportional regulation or switching control and is suitable for media such as gases, solid particles and liquids.

Pneumatic butterfly valve can be widely used in paper, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, petroleum, light industry, building automation and automation control system of otherindustrial sectors.

Installation and maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve.

1. When installing the butterfly valve, you should pay attention to the flow direction mark on the valve body to avoid the wrong direction of flow and affect the use.

2. Beforethe use ofthepneumatic butterfly valve, you should flush the pipeline with the valve fully open to avoid the sealing surface being scratched by debris such as welding slag.

3. Generally, bypass piping will be set next to the butterfly valve so that when the butterfly valve is serviced or replaced, the bypass piping can be used to carry out the process as usual.

4. Pneumatic butterfly valve can be installed vertically within 180°。And do not install the pneumatic actuator upside down.

5. If you find that the stuffing box is leaking during use, tighten the gland bolts to solve the problem.

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