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Dervos Team Building --This Time We Go Brisk Walking

It was on 11th of December, a rare cloudless afternoon in these consecutive chilly and dreary winterdays.

"Now that the weather favoredus, it would be a huge waste to stay at the office, wouldn't it?" Eric Wong, DVS owner, suggested.

Then, unexpectedly, we stopped typing, packed staff and went on the way to an extra long footpath that nearly cross the entire downtown.

You may see from the image, the walkway spirals up into the woods along the steel frame. As we climb higher, it's getting challenging and scary to walk on the floating way, but the beautiful coastline also emerges on the horizon.

As we Chinese always say attracting scenery is always higher.

But unfortunately we are within a no-fly area, ourdroneis forbidden to liftoff,thelaugh on the first photo below turned into scowl off the camera. Quite hilarious!

As the sun went down the hill, the 3-hour brisk walk finally came to an end till the dawn. The glistening sweaton our brow recorded this an joyful afternoon. Though we didn't finish the whole footpath (because it's way too long), we may regard this end asbeing archived, and some day in the future, perhaps we will have another chance to continue this unfinished trip.

2020 is also approaching an end. Don't forget to say goodbye to this unforgettable year and say hello to the coming unknown 2021.

And, definitely, Dervos will be there for you.

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