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Dervos 520 event, show love to the one

Yesterday was 5.20, May the 20th. It may be a normal day for you, but to Chinese, it’s a love-theme day.

This date is another Valentine’s Day holiday in China. That’s because, it may sound funny, ‘520’ sounds phonetically very close to“I Love You”, or“Wo Ai Ni”in Chinese. In that way, though it’s not official holiday, many people, especially couples, would celebrate the day. And as the concept prevails, more people join the group celebrating love--more than just the love between couples.

Dervos, a work team full of love, also managed an activity to mark the day. Our administrative assistant Linda is so ingenious that she prepared such exquisite snacks, and the heart-shaped watermelon and colourful melon balls that won wow from everyone are too adorable to bite.

Except delicious snacks, we also had a special game. In a little scrap of paper, every Dervos staff wrote down some words that say love, thanks or best wishes to someone anonymously, then put these scraps together and mixed up. Everyone of us took out one piece and read the words on the scrap to the recipient for the anonymous someone.

It was a so moving scene that someone turned red when his or her paper was read and was recognized and someone had to say thank you to everyone because he or she don’t don’t who wrote it.

Dervos believes love and is brave enough to express it out as loving someone and being loved both make us stronger. If you didn’t do things like us in 520, you could do it now. Never mind, it’s never to late to say 520.

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